Kinigi Guest House; Kinigi Guest House is a well-designed budget accommodation located in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda, designed with 20 room guest house near the park.

This accommodation is comprised of one large building that holds single rooms at cost USD60, Double rooms USD70 and the VIP room USD85

Kinigi Guest House rooms are spacious and furnished with hot showers, ensuite bathrooms and mosquito nets for the visitors.

The Kinigi Guest House offers visitors four shared dormitories known as ‘’dorms’’ and each dormitory with 4 beds at USD20. Guests have access to share bathrooms and hot waters showers in the building next.

Kinigi Guest House
Kinigi Guest House

A traveler seeking an outdoor experience are invited to come enjoy    camping life through pitching their own tents at only USD10.

Facilities at Kinigi Guest House

The guest house has cleanest restaurant with delicious food served with profession chefs.

They have lounge with fire place where guests gather and jazz about activity carried out during the day.

Its location is an ideal base for gorilla trekking experience.

They have large conference facilities.

The Lodge  can be accessed by both air and car through Kanombe International Airport –Kigali

They have welcoming and friendly staff

The guest house popularly known as ‘’Village Touristique de Kinigi’’ located on the foothills of the Virungas of Rwanda in kinigi district which is just 11 kilometers from Ruhengeri town.

Kinigi Guest House is a perfect base for gainful view of the beauty of the volcanic mountain ranges of Virunga which are the natural habitat of the rare mountain gorillas. Located at the bottom of Sabyinyo Volcanic mountain.

The guest house accommodates over 40 people and all rooms are connected with electricity and warm water.  It also has 1 VIP suite.

This guest house accommodation is comfortably located within very few minutes from the ORTPN Head Office which is about 10 minutes’ drive away from Ruhengeri.

It’s an ideal location make the early morning gorilla trekking departure from the office much more convenient.

Furthermore, it is well maintained and the Virungas mountains and Volcanoes provide breathtaking magnificent views on a clear day.

This guest house was founded to act as an income generating project for the ‘’Association de Solidarite des Femmes Rwandaises’’ ‘ASOFERWA’, which is nonprofit making organization mainly widows and orphans. The money collected from the Kinigi guest house supports the local orphan children through paying school fees, purchase land for agricultural projects, support groups of widows and provide a market for art pieces of the local artists.

The local community member around the lodge are employed at the guest house, food and other items.

Activities to do on stay at Kinigi Guest House

They include, Gorilla trekking, Birding, Nature walks, Visit Dian Fossey grave among others.

Gorilla trekking

This is the main done activity by the guests and the major tourists attraction to do in Volcanoes national park. The activity starts early in the morning hours after briefing about dos and don’ts of gorilla trekking. Gorilla trekking can take 5 to 7 hours’ trek while searching them in their natural habitat. Once you allocate them one hour is given to you to observe them as they feed, play and groom their young ones as well as picture taking.

Kinigi Guest House
Gorilla trekking

What to pack on Rwanda Safari-Volcanoes National park?

Best comfortable attire in order to enjoy comfortable stay in African wilderness includes; gloves, Waterproof bags and coat, long sleeved shirts and trousers, hiking gumboots, insect repellents, hat, warm clothes and so many others.

Best time to go for Rwanda Gorilla Tours

Rwanda –Volcanoes National Park is all year visited but best time to enjoy its amazing attractions of the park starts from June to Mid-September and December to February.

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