Lake Mutanda : Here is simply one of the best moments in Uganda as you get to enjoy breathe taking sceneries of Mother Nature, getting to have the most remarkable and unforgettable experiences in the pearl of Africa.

Being a landlocked country in East Africa, this implies that Uganda is a country without a sea port but rather uses the sea ports of the countries that are neighboring.

Bordered by Kenya to the east, to the north by South Sudan, to the west by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to the south-west by Rwanda, and to the south by Tanzania all these contribute the kind of safari activities that is codeine in Uganda.

Achieve global safaris has it at heart that a spirit of an adventurous sightseer is the best moments in action and for that case of matter choosing to see that all clients interested in exploring the pearl of Africa have the best and most unforgettable safari ventures.

 In this article Achieve Global safaris brings to you one of the greatest safari destinations in Uganda filled with excellent landmarks and pure air all over.

Located in Kisoro District in southwestern Uganda lake Mutanda is one of the most extraordinary water bodies in the pearl of Africa with extreme views that make your spirit aroused by nature.

Lake Mutanda is nestled in the foothills of the Virunga Mountain Range all standing as a sign of extreme beauty as you get to also sight other amazing features around the water body.

Lakeside forests and wetland are the number one eye catching sceneries as you have just got the islands within the lake making the surrounding of Lake Mutanda a super countryside for a summer get away.

Lake Mutanda accommodates a variety of animal and plant species, unique to this area and when it gets to bird lovers lake Mutanda is the home to the excellency of birding safaris for the area is recorded of birds species such as; kingfisher birds, kites, ibis and Uganda’s national bird, the crested crane plus Weaver bird.

And after experiencing the variety of birds get to stunning views of other wild life that can be sight at the shores of the stunning lake Mutanda as you have an exclusive Uganda Birding safari adventure and these include; several species of snake, chameleon, monitor lizard and frog species and not forgetting the abundant supply of insects plus various mammals such as; African clawless otter and Hippopotamus despite of the fact that these were last sighted at the lake in 1994, other excellent species are the fish species which include; tilapia and Nile perch.

When it comes to safari activities the lake Mutanda is known for various safari activities all providing extreme fascinations to all those who are involved in the activities.

Lake Mutanda is famously known for boat rides and these have turned Lake Mutanda to be one of the most exciting destinations in Uganda for the lake also holds great fishing enthusiasts.

Lake Mutanda
Lake Mutanda

Other safari activities that are carried out at Lake Mutanda include:

Hiking: Lake Mutanda has a surrounding of hills and mountains and for this case Lake Mutanda is an ideal place for hiking safaris as you earlier mentioned the lake is nestled in the foothills of Virunga Mountain Range which includes Mount Muhavura, Mount Sabinyo, and Mount Gahinga all great hiking destinations.

Canoeing: canoeing is one the most popular activities on Lake Mutanda the activity of paddling around the lake has truly turned out to be the greatest as you get to view stunning hills and mountains.

Visit Mutanda Lake Resort: visiting Mutanda resort is also another experience of its own and besides this is one of the areas one can stay in while on a visit at Lake Mutanda.

You can book your lake Mutanda Safaris to Uganda through Achieve global Safaris one of the most experienced tour operator in Uganda and be able to have the greatest experience of these safari activities and lots more at the great lake Mutanda as you experience thrilling winds of the lake.

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