Lake Naivasha National Park is renowned as sheer Adventure situated in the raising part of the rift valley floor. More so, the park is cantered in the fresh water lake found in the Center of the park, named as Lake Naivasha. The word Naivasha means ‘’rough water’’ by the locals and the lake Naivasha is among the few of the fresh water lakes found in Kenya, it lies a few kilometers away from the town of Naivasha. The park is one of Kenya’s national parks that are visited oftenly.

More to that, the park is located in the northwest of the capital Nairobi and it is part of the great rift valley features that lies in the great rift valley region. Despite the fact, the park got its name from the Maasai word ‘’Naiposha’’ which means ‘’rough water’’ it is because of unusual sudden storms that arise always. More then , Lake Naivasha is surrounded by other two small lakes namely ; Lake Oloidien and Lake Sonachi which is a green crater lake.

The park stuns with unique features like an extinct volcano called Mount Longonot, where you can sight see beautiful think forest lying along the crater Mountain. Lake Naivasha National Park comprised by Umbrella Acacia trees which grow along the banks of the lake. There is also flower growing farms which are exported in most of the international markets.

In general, Lake Naivasha National Park was created on 10th April 1995, covers an area of 140 square kilometers. The largest part of the park is dotted by the fresh water lake which is not very deep and seasonal. More fact about, the water level which increases during the rainy season and reduces during the dry season. Take note, the park is also a great birding site one Kenya Birding Safaris which can be done along the shores of the lake and it is located nearby Hell’s Gate National Park.

Accessibility; The park can be accessed within a half hour drive from the Kenya’s capital City ‘’Nairobi’’ with great scenic views of the impressive Rift Valley escarpments thus an ideal place of stay on your remarkable safari.

Well, this park is small in size but gifted with a good number of attractions which makes your short safari memorable. Lake Naivasha National Park is a popular destination as transit route separates between Lake Naivasha National Park and Hells Gate since they are next to each other. You can combine a safari to Lake Naivasha National Park with Hells Gate.

Below is the highlight of attractions in Lake Naivasha National Park;

Elsmere; There are stippled trees with sisal that form the forest on the banks of Lake Naivasha. The forest is dominated with many tree species like yellow fever trees which derives their name from the color of the trees, Candelabra euphorbia among others. The park was once referred to the great conservationist Joy Adamson who wrote the famous book Born Free fame.

Crescent Island; This island is one of the perfect private Island sanctuaries that lies along the great Rift Valley region. The area is not fenced thus making animals to roam freely around. Note, the Island can be accessed by boat or by 4×4 wheel drive through the narrow swampy road that leads you to the sanctuary. This road is commonly used by buffalos and other animals, though during rainy season it becomes impassable. You can choose to nature walk around this Island.

Lake Naivasha; Lake Naivasha is one of the popular attractions at the park and it was named after the blue lake. This shallow lake is seasonal though it seems to be rough during the rainy season. The banks of the lake are dotted by papyrus and other forest species around attracts various birds and animals.  Birders at the park can enjoy birding through boating at Lake Naivasha.

Mount Longonot; This is an extinct volcano raising the height of 2776 meter above sea level.  And it last erupted in the 1860’s. This mountain was named by Maasai locals with the name Olo Nongot which means the Mountain of the many summits. It’s large crater edge on top with no water, it takes between 2 to 4 hours hike depending on your body fitness.

Crater Lake Game Sanctuary; Its name Crater Lake proves it being a small in size but quite impressive jade-colored lake formed by the process of Volcanic activity. It lies in the Centre of the park. Truly it’s perfect destination of birders with over 150 bird species recorded around the crater game sanctuary alone. The sanctuary is also home to various wildlife game like giraffes, zebras, leopard among others.

Lake Naivasha National Park

Birds; Lake Naivasha National Park is quite hoven birders and is one of the two sites listed by ‘’Kenya as wetland of international importance under Ramsar Convention’’. The park is home to over 350 species of birds which can be spotted from swamp vegetation to forest. The think papyrus is a home to lots of notable swamp species like gonolek, weaver birds, little Greb, African Spoonbill, Porzana Pusilla, Oxyura, flamingo, red-knobbed coot, Palearctic duck many more.

Animals; The park stuns with over 100 species of grazers and hunters as well as big cats can be adventured around; leopards, lions and other species to see – hippos, giraffes, zebra, buffalo among others. They can be viewed throughout the years and best done on bike, foot, safari van or horse ride.

Activities in Lake Naivasha National Park

Game viewing; The park has over 100 animal species, while at the park, you can enjoy morning or afternoon or even full day game drives. The activity gives a great opportunity of having a close view of game in their natural habitat. The best time to view is during the dry season, because large number of animals gather around the lake and water catchment area to quench for thirsty. Animals like hippos, giraffes, zebras, waterbuck wildebeest many more.

Birdwatching; Birding is rewarding in the park that allows you to spot birds like Kingfishers, Jacanas, herons, love birds, doves, flamingoes, marabous stork, weavers many more.

Horseback riding safari; This is a thrilling experience done in few national parks. It is done under a guide of game rangers and allows you to get closer to the wildlife like zebra among other species and beautiful features in the park.

Hike Longonot Mountain; Hike to Mount Longonot gives a great chance to have spectacular view of wide range of animals and viewing of the entire Lake Naivasha National Park. The hike takes between 2 to 4 hours depending on your fitness.

Boat cruise; Lake Naivasha dominates the largest part of the park where you can enjoy boat ride especially during the wet season.

Lake Naivasha National Park stands as a one stop tourism destination while on Kenya Wildlife Safari, break done long drive from Masai Mara National Reserve. Or – Combine it with a visit to Uganda’s famous mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, home of half remaining endangered mountain gorillas which can be seen through Gorilla Trekking Safaris. The park is approximately 8-to-9-hour drives from Entebbe or Kampala.

Kenya to Uganda; From Kenya – fly from Wilson Airport Kenya to Entebbe International Airport, where you can book a domestic flight to fly you to Kihihi or Kisoro Airstrip.

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