Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve

It was established in 1991 to protect the ancient forest habitant which surrounds the volcanic crater lake and is one of the few crater lakes in the region which has retained its lush forest habitant. The reserve is rich in biodiversity and supports a variety of birds and primates.

Lake Nkuruba Nature reserve provides the perfect base for chimp trekking/ tracking in the nearby Kibale National park or hiking in Rwenzori mountains. The reserve is also rich with many species of birds including the Great Blue Turaco and the Black and white casgued hornbill.

The community campsite is situated within the Nature Reserve and offers a variety of accommodation ranging from camping in trees frequented by monkeys or spending your nights in lakeside cottages.

Visiting this Nature reserve provides the perfect base to explore one of the world’s concentrations of volcanic lakes and the largest population of chimpanzees in Uganda and trek with them in the nearby Kibale National Park.

Eco Tourism at Lake Nkurubo Nature Reserve

This combines the nature conservation and community wellbeing, this volcanic crater lake has maintained and retained its biodiversity rich forest. It was once part of Kibale forest. The founding principle is therefore, to ensure community protects this ancient forest and its beautiful wildlife.

The majority of food and drink you order while visiting this nature reserve is purchased locally. It also supports training in income generating activities like bee keeping and hand craft production. The hand crafts are available for sale within the Nature reserve.

To make the place more attractive, in 2018 there has been tree planting to provide more habitant for primates and in particular to increase the population of Colobus monkeys.

Activities at lake Nkurubo Nature Reserve

Nkurubo forest

This is an exciting Guided walk through Lake Nkurubo forest due to the interesting activities like learning about the monkeys, birds, and trees found in Nature reserves. This takes an hour to complete the forest.

Rwenzori Trek

This takes a full day of the adventure; the Guides take you on a hike in the stunning lower ranges of the Rwenzori mountains with a visit to the Rwangimba hot springs.

Cultural tour

This trek goes via the villages, here the tourist meets and interacts with the local people where you get to the culture of the region; how people cook, use local medicine, weaving, eating habits and so many things.

Top of the world

View the stunning scenery at the top of the world view points. Overlooking 3 crater lakes and the nearby Kibale National park and learn about crater lake formation, bird viewing, trees and beautiful scenery plus visiting the Mahoma waterfalls.

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