Lion Tracking Experience in Queen Elizabeth National Park : Lion tracking is an experiential activity which literally one of Uganda’s top most fabulous experiences to be enjoyed by the tourists who visit Uganda on safari. Tourists usually combine lion tracking with Gorilla trekking –habituation in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Apparently, in Uganda Lion tracking experience can be done only in Queen Elizabeth National Park. So, along your Uganda safari never miss out to add it on your itinerary because you will be able to grasp a lot of memories.

This activity is more than unusual fun in Queen Elizabeth National Park, where you can spend more time in the presence of lions ‘’the Kings and Queens of the jungle’’ while at the park.  Note; Lion tracking is one kind of an experiential tourism to do on the Uganda Safaris. There are two sessions the morning or late evening gand it’s open to visitors very day.

While on the activity, the pride of lions to be tracked have a lion with a radio collar attached in the neck, through a complex designed radio antenna. The experience is done with a team of researchers and during this experience, you will learn the habits of the lions while watching them. Facts about lions, they move in prides of 3 -25 individuals, so the possibility of tracking them is high without prior notice when an individual or a number of lions join the initial group.

More on that, during this finest Lion tracking experience, you will be advised to highly take note of nocturnal roars and their intensity with other animals like the hyenas. While on the tracking adventure you will be accompanied by the researchers who will equip you with all the various tricks used in tracking them down.

Chimpanzee trekking in Kalinzu forest
Queen Elizabeth N.P

Among the several tricks you will be explained with the lion’s ways of marking their territories such as; lions will mark their territory by scraping the ground with their hind feet, creating shallow parallel scrapes of bare soil measuring 12cm in width and 20cm in length.

In dry season, sticky urine sprayed on a prominent bush is also a common sign left for easy marking of their home and they also tend to rub their heads in bushes leaving inconspicuous blonde hairs behind. They also like moving through tall grass thus leaving a very slight trail of bent grass.

More fact, Lions tracking experience is limited to few visitors in order to reduce stress on the animals and to increase the quality of the experience for visitors. The experience takes place in the early morning or evening.

Travelers yearning to be part of lion tracking, you need to have booked minimum of 6 months in advance. More so, visitors for experiential tourism get additional bonus in the park by watching other wildlife species as this National Park is one of the visited tourist destination in Uganda.

Those interested in doing this experiential tourism. Kindly reach out to us Achieve Global Safaris for further help as you prepare your safari to Uganda.

Other experiential tourism activities currently available in Queen Elizabeth National Park and these includes; Mongoose tracking, Hippo Census and Bird counts.

We Achieve Global Safaris we are also good in organizing a combined safari that is; Lion Tracking Experience activity with a wildlife and boat safari on the Kazinga channel or combine them with Gorilla Trekking Experience in either Mgahinga Gorilla National Park or Bwindi Impenetrable National Park where you can have perfect sight of Silverback who heads the gorilla family and in charge to its territories.

Just get to go now to visit the Pearl of Africa.

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