List Of Waterfalls Found In Kenya? Kenya is a country that is ranked to be among the best tourist destinations in East Africa and it is famously known for its wildlife species, which are considered the top tourist attractions and its stunning landscapes. However, in the context below; we will delve more into the list of some of the notable waterfalls found in the country and the unique part about these falls is that each of them has its own beauty and charm. Therefore, exploring through these natural wonders is always a fantastic way that one can experience through the rich biodiversity and diverse landscapes of Kenya. In addition, some of these falls include the following below;

Fourteen falls.

Fourteen falls are of the stunning falls, which are situated on the Athi River in Thika. Therefore, exploring around these falls is a great memorable experience whereby one will be able to capture classic views of series of rapids and the waterfalls hence ranking it to be a popular destination for both adventure seekers and nature lovers to visit while on their safari in Kenya.

Sheldrick falls.

Sheldrick falls are located within Aberdare national park and are famously known as good hidden gem and for people to access these falls they will have to embark onto hiking through the trails in the park. More so, these falls are noticed to be cascading gracefully down to the moss covered cliff which is always a beautiful moment to watch.

Zania Falls.

Zania falls are other stunning waterfalls, which are situated within the Kakamega forest, and it is considered as a perfect destination for individuals seeking solitude and natural beauty to visit hence offering them a serene escape into the nature. More so, these falls are dominated and surrounded with lush vegetation and are known for hosting a large population of wildlife species.

Thomson’s Falls.

Thomson’s falls are situated approximately a few kilometers from Nyahururu town, which is found within the central highlands of Kenya. These falls are famously known to be one of the country’s most waterfalls that stand at an elevated area of about 74 meters (243 feet) over a volcanic cliff. Thomson’s waterfalls were named after Joseph Thomson who is recorded to be a naturalist and Scottish geologist that happened to have been the first one to explore within this region during in the late 19th century. More so, these waterfalls were formed by the Esawo Narok River that originated from Aberdare Range and cascades hence flowing into the Rift valley escarpment situated below it.

Thomson’s falls are not just famously known for being among the highest waterfalls in the country but it is also commonly visited because of its lush greenery and for hosting diverse wildlife species that inhabit within its surrounding areas. Therefore, tourists exploring around these waterfalls while standing at various viewpoints  can get opportunities to enjoy the panoramic views of the stunning falls. More so, visitors are encouraged not to worry about where to stay because there is Thomson’s falls lodge which is an affordable accommodation facility where individuals seeking to experience a peaceful retreat amidst the nature can opt to stay after their long day. In addition, this safari lodge offers its guests with good services and amenities in order for each one of them to enjoy their stay comfortably.

List Of Waterfalls Found In Kenya?
Thomson’s Falls

Nyahururu Falls.

Nyahururu waterfalls are situated on the Esawo Narok River, which is neighbouring with the town of Nyahururu. More so, these falls are also commonly referred to as the Esawo Narok Falls and it a good spot to visit most especially during the rainy season when the volume of the water increases dramatically on a daily basis hence beautiful to watch.

Chania Falls.

Chania waterfalls are located within Aberdare national park and it is ranked to be among the highest waterfalls in the country due to the fact that it cascades approximately over 80 meters (262 feet) down a steep cliff. These waterfalls are known to be fed by the famous chania river which originated from the Aberdare range, which is a mountainous region famously known because of its rich biodiversity, dense forests and beautiful landscapes within its surrounding.

Tourists with best interests to see the Chania falls while on their safari in Kenya will always get blessed with opportunities to immerse within the natural beauty of Aberdare range and also involve themselves in exciting tourist activities like; trekking through the lush forests where they get chances to sight see numerous wildlife species within their habitats  and some of these animals include; African elephants, monkeys, buffalos, cheetahs and many others.

Karuru Falls.

Karuru falls are also ranked to be one of the majestic waterfalls in Kenya with a staggering drop that is approximately about 273 meters (896 feet). Therefore, individuals who are interested to see these falls will have to involve themselves into trekking and hiking through ABerdare national park.

However, apart from the above mentioned, there are many other stunning waterfalls that tourists can also opt to visit while on their safari and some of these include; Gura falls, Sosiani falls and many others.

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