Luxury Gorilla Trekking Uganda

Luxury Gorilla Trekking Uganda : Luxury gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda is quite an incredible encounter with the great mountain gorillas of the forest. Uganda boosting with half of the mountain gorillas in the entire Africa. On your visit to luxury gorilla trekking safari Uganda, visitors can visit these gentle giants in the ancient Bwindi impenetrable forest that was named by the CNN as the most beautiful place on the earth as well as the Virunga volcanoes in Mgahinga Gorilla Park. During your visit we advise you to stay in an affordable Luxury Lodges that cater to your needs while on Uganda Safaris. But the choice is yours which kind of lodge you wish to stay in basing on your preferences.

Why Is Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Called So

However, Uganda is not only the best primate destination but also a choice of wildlife. Hosting over ‘’10’’ national park include the Kidepo Valley park the unmatched remote game in East Africa/Africa. Simply meaning, you can choose to spend a week or longer in the Pearl of Africa on a Safari.

On visit, try to choose Normal Gorilla Trekking; Meaning, you may opt to do normal trek where you can spend 1 hour with a gorilla family that involves in a total of eight trekkers or opt to do more time with Gorilla Family ‘’4 hours’’ along day trek with maximum of four trekkers on the Habituation Experience that is available only in Uganda.

Choose between two Gorilla parks with different terrain; Uganda hosting two gorilla parks that is Virunga Volcanoes in Mgahinga Gorilla park and ancient montane rainforest –Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. May choose both and trek gorillas in both parks the choice is yours.

Choose the Airport for arrival and departure; You can choose to fly into Rwanda and Trek in Uganda. Your Safari can begin in Kigali –Rwanda and end in Entebbe.

You can choose to combine primate safari and wildlife safari; In Uganda there is much more to do, visit the cultural Encounter with Forest’s origin people ‘’The Batwa People’’ relax and chill out after the Trek along Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mutanda, Source of the Nile or Lake Victoria with its sandy beached hidden, visit the tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National park.

Some of the few example of the Luxury Gorilla Experience safari in Uganda;

The 3 Days Luxury Gorilla Trekking in Mgahinga Gorilla from Kigali

This safari trip is one of Gorilla Trekking Safari done in Uganda, that takes you to trek the Giants in the Mountains that Cook –the Virunga volcanoes, right away from Kigali to Uganda. You will stay in the exclusive Mount Gahinga Lodge in the shadow of the Volcanoes. While enjoying the Gentle giant of the forest, Golden Monkeys and the Batwa People in Mgahinga Gorilla National park.

In Mgahinga, there are limited permits available, so you need to plan well in advance to ensure that you have gorilla permits and lodging space.

3-Days Bwindi Gorilla Habituation Experience Safari-Rushanga from Entebbe

On this 3 Day Luxury Gorilla Habituation Experience Safari, you can fly into Uganda. From there take a flight through Entebbe Airport by a Aero airline a domestic flight to Kihihi Airstrip and pick up by the safari drive to drive you to the park.

Luxury Gorilla Trekking Uganda
Bwindi Gorillas

You will involve in full day trek, with a Gorilla Family for 4 hours with maximum of 4 individuals, accompanied by researchers and trackers to enjoy the daily life of these gentle giants. There are only four permits and must book in advance. Gorilla habituation can only be done in Uganda and spend 4 hours with a Gorilla Family.

7-Days Luxury Gorilla –Chimpanzee Tracking Experience –Wildlife in Queen

This 7 Days Luxury is a combined safari trip that starts in Kigali Rwanda and fly out of Entebbe in Uganda. Along your seven days, you spend 4 hours with a gorilla group, visit Queen Elizabeth national park to encounter the tree climbing lions of Ishasha, game drives, take a boat launch on the Kazinga Channel.

Spending six nights in some of Uganda’s exclusive and luxury safaris is quite rewardable with excellent views, meals and great in room services.

Gorillas is one of the world’s most sought great giant kept in natural secrets, Uganda being a home to these endangered mountain gorillas, receives less visitors than its neighboring countries. The country also is characterized by dramatic scenery all year around, home to deep lakes, stunning waterfalls, towering mountain and rich diversity of wildlife.

Above all, Uganda host the largest population of primates on planet including the great mountain gorillas, one of the unique and rarest animals on the earth. In the world there still exist 1064 individuals of mountain gorillas and since the establishment of the epic Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park in Uganda as lead to the increase in population of mountain gorillas from less than 300 individuals to 600 individuals according to the current census.

Luxury gorilla trekking in Uganda quite welcoming experience since the highest concentration of primates on earth are found here and home to half the world’s remaining endangered mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Uganda also host perfect climate all year around and it’s a welcoming hospitality of its happiest people.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park –Uganda

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a location to world’s unique great mountain gorillas where gorilla trekking is carried out .The park is a UNESCO world Heritage site positioned in the southwestern region of Uganda ,on an area covering 331 square kilometers a lowland with truly theatrical landscape and bio-diversity of wildlife species such as elephants ,giant forest hog , bush antelopes eleven kinds of primates like blue monkeys ,red tailed ,black and white colobus ,baboons ,chimpanzees among others , over 200 species of butterflies .Bwindi is also a home for birders with more than 350 species of birds.

Luxury Gorilla Trekking Uganda
Gorilla Safaris

The park is home to over 600 mountain gorillas that attracts millions of tourists each year to come view these species. Mountain gorillas are wild primates, though have become used of seeing a few humans after years of habituation where many experts involve in this training process. This is an opportunity that involves in few visitors of eight persons, who are allowed to view each group every day in the dense forest with steep slopes meaning participants needs to be physically fit. Gorilla trekking starts early morning   with a briefing about the rules of gorillas, then after briefing you will be led by ranger in search for the gorilla group you are to trek, always ensures that put on comfortable hiking boots, rain jacket, enough mineral drinking water, packed lunch boxes because this activity is unpredictable it can take 30minute to 7 hours depending on the movement of the gorilla group your trekking on that particular day. Once the gorillas are located, one hour is allowed to the visitors to spend with them, enjoy their social life and taking memorable photography before returning back to lodge. Please note, Children of 15 years old above only can track gorillas. Visitors taking part in Gorilla trekking activity must have a permit at USD700 per person per trek and Gorilla habituation experience costs USD1,500 per person per trek.


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