Malindi Marine National Park : Malindi Marine National Park is renowned as ‘’the Coral Garden’’ stunning starts from swimming with zebra fish to windsurfing – truly this is a beautiful slice of Kenya’s Indian Ocean coastline that provides the perfect getaway.

Malindi Marine National Park

The park provides with magnificent resources like fringing reefs, coral gardens in the lagoons, sea grass beds, mangroves, marine mammals, mudflats, turtles and numerous species of shorebirds among others. Visitors here can also enjoy glass bottom boat rides, snorkeling, camping and beach walks in this veritable haven.

Note : Malindi Marine National Park covers a smallest area of about 213 square kilometer meter and is under protection of Kenya Wildlife Service. More so, what makes Malindi famous are the various trove of colorful corals and sponges, Jelly fish, sea horse, octopus, sponges, giant sea anemone, pearl oyster, starfish, dolphin, shark Portuguese man of war and many others varieties of under water creatures ad plants to see. Above all, Narara is one of the important tourists’ destinations -one shouldn’t miss to visit.

Climate in the Malindi Marine Park Kenya
The park’s temperatures range from 20 – 300c and rainfall from 200melimeter -700melimeter. Two rain seasons; Long rains – March & April & Short rains – November to December.

Key Features About Malindi Marine National Park
Marine life : The prolific marine life includes; crabs, corals, sea urchins, jellyfish, sea stars and sea cucumbers. There are different varieties of coral species composed of Acropora),Turbinaria and Porites.

Attractions In the Malindi Marine National Park;
Magical Island
Sea turtles
Benthic cover

Activities To Do in Malindi Marine National Park
They include : Birdwatching, Camping, Diving, Glass Bottom Boat Rides, Sun Bathing, Walking, Snorkeling, Scenic, Water Skiing and wind surfing among others.

Walking : Visitors who visits the park can take a rewarding walk along the beach.

Visit Manyugu : You can visit this tidal Island where you can enjoy fresh food like snack of fish with delicious food.

Visits to the Corol gardens : Visit the park and be able to adventure variety of tropical fish in their natural environment.

Swimming and Sunbathing : During your visit at Malindi Marine National Park you can enjoy warm ocean water and can be enjoyed by all ages.

Sea-Bird watching : This is the best place to go and watch the beautiful Marine bird such as Rosette and Bridled Terns, which nest on whale Island and many shore birds.

Water skiing : Malindi beach offers excellence collection of marine life and there is no better way to link with marine life than jet skiing. Water temperature is warm all year around.

Windsurfing : Malindi beach is a perfect site for surfing in Kenya with the outer reef, attracting large swells, especially in June to September when the seasonal monsoon winds perfect breakers.
Surfing here is rewarding for both the novice and the expert and is mainly characterized by onshore winds.

Malindi Marine National Park
wind surfing at malindi beach

Glass bottom boat rides : This workout better for those who do not prefer doing snorkeling in the Marine reserve. During the glass bottom boats -you will see the park’s sandy bottoms and stony coral that protect a thriving population of fish and marine mammal species.
These include; manta rays, octopus and three species of sea turtles. Watch various wildlife through the boat’s glass viewing area.

Note : The park is home to more than 600 species of fish, from lionfish to snapper and brightly striped angelfish.
Snorkeling; This is one of the most enjoyed activities in the park -where you required to wear your full swimsuit gear of snorkeling experience. While snorkeling, you will be able to enjoy a watch of varied fishes like snapper, butterfly, rubber, puffer, damsel, scorpion, butterfly, zebra, angel and many others.

There are over 360 species of fish and around 45 varieties of coral, you are sure to be enchanted by all that you see.
Diving; Malindi beach has clear blue waters and hide a thriving marine bio-system, including; mangroves, fringing reefs, sea grass beds and lagoons, filled with beautiful brightly -colored coral gardens, just bristling with intriguing sea creatures.
Best time to visit the park; The best months to visit the area starts from October to April -best for diving. During this period of the year, the water is warm and can be visited all year round.

Getting To Malindi Marine National Park;
By Road,
Malindi Marine National Park is located on Kenya’s magnificent Indian Ocean coastline, Malindi town and about 110-kilometer North of Mombasa.

By Air,
You can decide to access the park by use of a domestic flight and flies you to Malindi Airport as your arrival point.

What to carry with you;
Carry your footwear for example sandals or flip flops ‘’to protect your feet from the reef’’.
Carry T- shirts which help to protect your body from sunburn. Snorkel, mask, fins all available for hire.
Other useful items to carry include; Camera, hat, sunscreen, insect repellant, guide books and plenty of drinking of water.

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