Mombasa Marine National Park : This is truly allure of natural beauty that offers warm azure ocean, swaying coconut palms of white sandy beaches all found in the Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve. However, the park is located between the Mtwapa and Tudor Creeks and its blue waters which are ideal for wind surfing, water skiing, snorkeling and diving. These beautiful waters are home to a colorful variety of marine species including starfish, stone fish, Crabs, Cucumbers Sea urchins, corals, turtles, sea grasses and interesting migratory bird species including crab plovers.

In fact, the park covers 10 square kilometers while the reserve is 200 square kilometers, it lies in the coast near tourists’ area and is a famous beach because of the snorkeling and divine.

Attractions in Mombasa Marine National Park

Vegetation; The park is dotted with sea grasses and marine algae.

Marine life; The park stuns with different species include; Crabs, corals, sea urchins, jellyfish, sea stars and sea cucumbers. There are different varieties of coral species composed of Acropora, Turbinaria and Porites.

Birds; There are many unique seabirds in wide range of nesting colonies and internationally significant numbers of crab plover and roseate tern.

Activities in Mombasa Marine National Park

They include; Diving, Snorkeling, Sunbathing, Water skiing, Wind surfing among others.

Diving; Diving is one of the remarkable ways of enjoying the aquatic part of Mombasa Marine Park. And Kenya is recognized as one of the top three dive in the entire world, diving at Mombasa Marine Park.

At Mombasa diving is offered for both single and double dive. For beginners you dive from coral gardens at 23 feet to Kasa that ranges from 32 to 65 feet. Then the expert divers can do drift, night dives or wreck dive which takes place at MV Dania varying from 82 to 115 feet.

Snorkeling; Snorkeling is a unique life experience where you get to enjoy sailing on a glass-bottom boat on the Indian Ocean where you get to clear view of the aquatic life. You also get to enjoy corals of many colors, textures and shapes.

Sunbathing; This activity take place on the beautiful sandy beaches along the shores of the Indian Ocean where visitors get to enjoy the warm sun rays and awesome cool breeze at the ocean.

Climate; Marine National Park experiences humid climatic conditions that usually varies both hot and humid.

Best Time to visit Mombasa Marine National Park;

Travelers interested in Humpback whales the best period for them is from the month of June to December. For the angler’s   the best month of August to October and those interested in catching the enormous yellowfin the month of December to March. For scuba divers and snorkelers, the best month to view the marine life is from October to March.

Mombasa Marine National Park
Mombasa Marine National Park

The southeast monsoon winds from April to October and northeast winds from November to March majorly affect the diving conditions.

Accommodations in Mombasa Marine National Park

The park has got perfect hotels, lodges and campsite offering various amenities like food, bedding and beverages. Such comfortable facilities include, Azul margarita beach resort Mombasa, Hotel English point, Mombasa Marine Campsite, Mombasa continental resort shanzu, Severin Sea lodge among other.

NB; We recommend the budget travelers to visit the park from the month of April to June and November to early December. This is because during this period of the year the country receives long and short rain, which lead accommodation prices reduced.

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Getting there;

The park is located in the city of Mombasa about 487 kilometers from Nairobi.

Mombasa Marine national park can be accessed by road from Mombasa city Centre and then connected by boat from the various points along the beach which includes; Severin Gate on beach of Severin Hotel, Serena Gate on beach of Serena Hotel, Travelers Gate on beach of Travelers Hotel, Nyali Gate at Mombasa Marine Park Headquarters and Voyager Gate at Voyager water Sport Area.

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