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Mount Bisoke hike; This is one of most adventurous hiking tours where one wouldn’t miss to add on your list of things to do while on Rwanda Safaris. However, Mount Bisoke is once known as ‘’Visoke’’ and acts as one of the active volcanoes that sits within the Virunga ranges of mountains located in East and Central Africa.  More so, this mountain lies within the borders of Rwanda -Volcanoes National Park and Democratic Republic of Congo -Virunga National Park, Mount Bisoke has a height of 12,175ft.  It’s summit and greater side of the mountain are located in Rwanda.

Mount Bisoke was formed as a result of a rift valley which divides sections of East Africa. Still it boosts with two crater lakes of which one crater lake is found at the top and the other ‘’Lake Ngezi’’ found Midway.

More so, this mountain was last erupted in 1957 thus giving it the biggest crater Lake within the Virunga mountain ranges.

Hiking Mount Bisoke is sheer adventurous and the most exciting activity that can be done by even inexperienced hikers. Of which hiking up to the summit takes 6 hours to become successfully.

Mount Bisoke hike
Mount Bisoke hike

However, Mount Bisoke is a home to the endangered mountain gorillas since its located near Volcanoes National Park and mountain gorillas are Rwanda’s more valuable tourism resource. More then, the area is surrounded with beautiful bamboo forests and the vegetation that provides ideal shelter and food for these unique primates. Just know making it to the summit of Mount Bisoke gives visitors –hikers incredible views of the park’s wildlife species. You can choose to do a combined tour a visit to Volcanoes National Park with hiking Mount Bisoke.

Hiking –Climbing Adventure on Mount Bisoke

Hiking Mount Bisoke is gorgeously adventurous and interesting activity that can be done by even inexperienced hikers. Hiking up to the summit takes 6 hours while descending back depends on how frequently the hiking team stops for a rest. Seasoned mountain climbers can enjoy climbing adventure in only 3 hours. A mount Bisoke hike is considered less demanding but hikers should be physically fit, as you prepare to deal with the thorny plants, stinging insects and muddy trails mostly during the rainy season. The mountain is steep but easy to climb to most of hikers. The temperature and oxygen levels can get so low making it the rest.

 Hiking Bisoke mountain is so popular experience to visitors who visits the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda because of the possibility of viewing the fog filled with summit, crater lakes, rewarding views and alpine vegetation found nowhere else on earth. The volcano is a home to forest elephants, buffaloes, great mountain gorillas, golden monkeys and various bird species. While hiking it is very possible to meet one of the gorilla families or golden monkey’s troops along the trail the experience is remarkable. If you get chances to meet gorilla families, you will be allowed only 10 minutes to encounter the gorillas from a distance.  Taking photos of the gorillas during the hike is not allowed but only permitted to visitors who have come for gorilla trekking. If you find them ‘’gorillas and golden monkeys’’ along the way must keep a distance.

Mount Bisoke hiking starts in the morning hours at the Kiningi park headquarters with a briefing from an assigned ranger. The offices can get filled with visitors because it’s the same point where visitors gather from for other activities like Gorilla trekking, Golden monkey tracking and visiting the Dian Fossey grave get signed off. At the meeting point you will be required to show your hiking permits, passport and other documentation.

Mount Bisoke hike
Gorilla trekking in Rwanda

Then after registration and briefing, hikers and experts will hike into hiking trails to start up the hike. You will be escorted with armed rangers who will provide protection to you against dangerous animals and if you’re not physically fit, you can hire a porter who will help you navigate in difficult terrains of the trails by pulling you up or down, porters go at cost USD10.

Before planning a safari to Mount Bisoke, you will need to first purchase a permit that enables you experience hiking adventure.  Hiking Mount Bisoke expect to pay USD75 per person. If you don’t mind you can book with us Achieve Global Safaris we shall be able to arrange your transportation, book accommodation as well as reserving a permits.

 Requirements to carry with includes; Light hiking shoes, Hand gloves, right clothing, enough mineral water bottle, packed snacks.

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