Mountain Gorillas Uganda & Rwanda Diet ; Gorillas in the world are divided into two species that is the eastern gorillas and western. Another thing, gorillas are largest living primates   on the planet that share over 98% DNA with human being. As a tracker, you might be asking yourself what really makes them become stronger and muscular is the diet they feed on.

The type of food gorillas eat varies on the available food in a season which is dry and wet seasons. However, here is the list of all gorilla diet with their most wanted food in the forest. Fact mountain gorillas are dependent on thick nature forest of Bwindi Impenetrable National park and Mgahinga Gorilla national park of Uganda. Then in Rwanda, gorillas can be seen in Volcanoes National park and Virunga National Park in Congo.

Since there are also western lowland gorillas which can be encountered in the montane forest and lowland swamps in central Africa. They are herbivorous apes which feed on diet of roots, shoots, fruits, wild celery, tree bark and pulp which are vegetables and found in the thick forests of west Africa and central Africa. During wet season, there can be a lot of vegetable and in dry seasons fruits becomes less in the forest, so they tend to eat other kinds of fruits in the forests.

Mountain Gorillas Uganda & Rwanda Diet
Mountain Gorillas Uganda & Rwanda Diet

Gorillas also tend to eat small insects like termites, nuts and fibers of matooke which are herbaceous stem. The food is divided into two; seasonal foods and the sample food. Therefore, adult gorillas tend to eat around 18 kilograms of food per day and they can climb trees up to 15 meters high while searching for food.

They also feed on fruits and foliage which act as food balances to their diet. Mountain gorillas can also feed on leaves, herbs, bark and sugar which gives energy.

Mountain gorillas is one of the gorilla substance that are found in the world, they are species of eastern gorillas . Mountain gorillas survive in the rainforest which is filled with the plenty of fruits and   gorillas are well known of preferring fruits than other food.

Apart from eating fruits, they can also feed on vegetables like leaves, bamboo shoots, pith, sticking to stems, moth, roots and grubs. Further, they are insect eaters such as ants, termites.

Note, mountain gorillas rarely drink water because of fruits they eat that contains proteins and sometimes they fed on herbs and bark. They can feed their diet to over 250 plant species in their habitats to thrill while on Gorilla Trekking Tours and Safaris.

There are also Eastern lowland gorillas which are substances of the eastern gorillas that live in the mountainous forest and eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo in the main destination of Kahuzi Biega national park and Maiko National Park.

There ‘’eastern lowland’’ includes; stems, leaves, fruits and barks and insects such as termites and ants. Gorillas do not eat banana fruits but they instead destroy them through eating the nutritious pith. The farmers who have planted their plantation near to gorilla’s inhabits are being warned.

The Cross River gorillas are substances of the western gorilla that live on the forested hills and mountainous areas of Nigeria and Cameroon. For them they live in small groups of 4 to 7 individuals composed of few males and few females.

Eastern lowland gorillas are comprised on diet of fruits. They can also feed on the primary diet such as barks, tree leaves and herbs.

However, cross river gorilla food is a seasonal, therefore their diet feeds on nutritious vegetation that grows close to their nesting place.

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