Nkokonjeru Tombs | Royal Tombs

Nkokonjeru Tombs – Royal Tombs : These tombs are of great importance in the history of the Ankole people (Banyankole) because they hold the tombs of the last two Abagabe (kings) of the Ankole kingdom and these include Edward Solomon Kahaya II and Charles Godfrey Rutahaba Gasyonga II who were laid to rest in 1944 and 1982 respectively. The outside tombs belong to the royals.

The Nkokonjeru Tombs are located in Kakiika 3kms from the city centre of Mbarara, inside a deserted colonial styled house, marked by two concrete slabs.   

Nkokonjeru tombs are still in existence and still holds a lot of cultural value to the people of Ankole. The only worry is how longer it will exist since anytime the tombs could be sold off to private entrepreneur unless the Ankole Kingdom representatives take a momentum towards it.

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