Nyero Rock Paintings

Nyero rock paintings are unique pre-historic paintings which date to well before 1250 AD. They enrich the identity of the Iteso of Eastern Uganda and Africa as a whole because they offer values of inspiration, decorative art and inspiration on natural isolated inselbergs in landscapes with beautiful scenery for tourists. This is a priceless treasure and a pride of Uganda.

The rock art of Nyero was first documented in 1913 and later studied by many researchers who described the rock paintings as largely of Geometric nature. This type of rock art of homogeneous tradition often depicted in red pigment spreading across East, central and Southern Africa matching the distribution of the late stone age Hunter Gatherer culture.

This art was found to be attributed to the Batwa “TWA”, the hunter gatherers with the pygmy origin who are now found in Eastern Congo and Rwanda. But little is known about the art though the experts concluded that the concentrated circles may have symbolized the Batwa’s relationship with nature of the forest.

If you are thinking of  getting to a Uganda Safari that links to the Eastern part of Uganda then you should consider having two or more hours reciting the history of these mystic rock art paintings. It’s one of the thrilling attractions you will fall in love with. A large number of tourists who make respective destinations to Nyero Rock Paintings also get a chance to explore the 3 caves around the landmark. Our Uganda Safaris that that stretch to the wild frontier region of Kidepo Valley National Park or Mount Elgon National Park have this sight-seeing activity on the Itinerary. This is simply because these Uganda destinations are not so far away from each other and reside in the same region.

Nyero Rock Paintings
Nyero Rock Painting Caves

A guide is usually strategized at the Nyero rock paintings. This guide will recite for you the history of the place and take you around the caves too. Above the rocks is an exceptional scenic view that might let you set sight on Monkeys and some reptiles around the scenic area. The atmosphere is quite incredible as well, a perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature will feeling the awesome breeze that comes with it.

Some of the precautions to take during your visit is walking and moving with caution. These rocks are extremely slippery during rainy seasons. And the other thing you shouldn’t hesitate doing is ask questions about the landmark, just feel free to air it all out and you could discover a lot more than you think. Try to take pictures and make your own findings as well even after your return destination. The Nyero rock paintings are a significant segment of Tourism in Uganda, probably one of those spots that will spice up your safari to Uganda.

If you want to get into the caves of Nyero Rock Painting and see the rock art paintings in person? The trick is just Simple, book a trip with us today and we shall make your dream a reality. You don’t have to worry about Gorilla Trekking tours, we arrange it for you but rather include a tour to Nyero rock paintings as part of the Kidepo Valley National Park experience.

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