Queen Elizabeth national park safari Experienc : Presently in Uganda tourism is the main done activity due the beauty that is within the land, this carries thousands of different kinds of people to come and get to see for themselves.

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There is a lot to explore in Uganda on a Uganda safari as you get to learn and understand the beauty of the different destinations in Uganda and also get to know more about the flora and fauna in Uganda.

There is a lot to sight in Uganda as you get to see the sacred ends of Uganda in their fullness with lots of safari activities to experience and engage in for your own great adventure.

Uganda has great and mind thrilling destinations in it and in this article we bring to you some of the most exciting destination in Uganda, and in this area it’s the only place in Uganda where you get sight the tree climbing lions.

The kind of experience you can attain in the area is the best that can never be forgotten by any one in any way and this basally is the main reason as to why it’s the most loved area on Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the best national park in Uganda for a Uganda wildlife safari and this is proven by the number of people who visit it often with a say that the place has lots of fascinating attractions that can’t be visited on a day visit.

Queen Elizabeth National Park gained its fame from the fact that it has the tree climbing lions within it which are truly endangered species in Uganda and the entire world, thrilling to sight and spending a day with.

Queen Elizabeth National Park was set up as a national park in the year 1952 first as Kazinga channel national park and later not after the visit of Queen Elizabeth into the park it was named after her as a sign of love towards her visitation.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is presently the second largest national park in Uganda with a total covering of 1,978km² with lots of electrifying attractions to sight and learn about more and more per visit.

Situated in Kasese District, in the eastern region of Uganda Queen Elizabeth National Park makes you understand as to why Uganda out of all the east African countries was chose to be the pearl of Africa.

Queen Elizabeth National Park has a diverse of attractions to sight and learn about each and every day you get to have a visit in the area with over 95 mammal species and least 600 bird this alone turns the place into a medley of wonders.

Queen Elizabeth national park is simply a marvel of wonders starting from its entrance to its ends its gives you the best kind of adventure with the enormous craters dramatically carved into rolling green hills, with panoramic views of the Kazinga Channel and its banks lined with numerous wildlife animals such as; hippos, buffalos and elephants.

Queen Elizabeth National Park national park is under the protection of the Uganda wildlife authority in order to see to it that the park is well managed and protected from any kind of poachers that may want to raid into the park.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is so blessed that even the neighboring villages have it that the park is a haven of beauty to hold up in memory just as they are also not satisfied of it yet stay so close to it each day.

Queen Elizabeth National Park holds fascinating cultural history associated with the park Tourists visiting the national park have the opportunity to meet and interact with the local communities within and adjacent the park plus enjoy listening to folk tales, traditional music, dance and so much more

Queen Elizabeth National Park has got thousands of attractions that you may wish to truly have sight at and get to know why it’s a marvel of its own in Uganda some of these attractions involve: Tree Climbing Lions, Kazinga Channel, Chimpanzees, Crater Lakes, Caves, Lake Katwe, Bird Species, and Kasenyi Plains all these truly provide the best kind of safari attractions for an adventure.

Queen Elizabeth National Park has a wide range of accommodation facilities obtainable for sightseers visiting the national park these including; Mweya Safari Lodge, Ishasha Bandas, Jumbo and Pelican bungalows which are managed by UWA (Uganda Wildlife Authority) and Pumba Safari Cottages among others.

After getting to experience all these get to have another chance to experience the other areas of Uganda with the help of Achieve global safaris who are able to let you have the best of the best in Uganda by helping you to plan and arrange for the trips that will make you have thrilling ventures along.

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