Reason to Visit Uganda : Benefits of traveling to Uganda; First of all, Uganda ranks with a varied and scant landscape that is home to biodiversity of rare and exotic wildlife. A visit to Uganda takes you in search of elusive chimp in tropical rainforest and watch the unique mountain gorillas in their nature habitat. Below are the ten outstanding reasons to visit or travel to Uganda as follow;


A visit to Uganda for safari, you will get a great moment of laying rewarding eyes on a gorilla in the wild in Uganda. You will rise at dawn to trek through the humid jungle in search of gorillas through the aptly named Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, scaling steep paths and trudging through muddy ravines in search of these unique creatures. The trekking experience can take about 30 to 6 hours in search and once you find them an hour is given to you to observe these gentle giants relaxing in their natural environment. Gorilla trekking experience is an awe-inspiring experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Note; Gorilla trekking permits costs USD700 per person and gorilla habituation -a full day experience charge USD1,500 per person. In Uganda gorilla trekking is done in two gorilla safari destination -Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Chimpanzees( Reason to Visit Uganda ) 

Traveler Uganda for your next safari in Africa where you will be able to wander through its stunning tropical rainforest of Kibale Forest a kingdom of primates especially the wild chimpanzees and other 12 primate’s species such as red-tailed monkey and black and white colobus chimps among others. The chimpanzee trekking search might seem to be hard but rewarding as you listen to high pitched screeching echoing through the forest and a troop of chimps comes towards you in a frenzied procession, these wide-eyed creatures play behind a curtain of emerald green leaves before gradually retreating back into the forest.

Take note; Chimpanzee trekking costs USD200 and Chimpanzee habituation costs USD250 per person per day.

Variety of Wildlife

Besides gorillas and chimp, there are many other wildlife species to discover in Uganda such as herds of the rare tree climbing lions which can be explored on game drive in Ishasha of Queen Elizabeth National Park as well as herds of water buffalo wallow in the shallows of the Kazinga Channel, spot large number of elephant march along dusty trails. Adventure elegant antelope dancing through the long grasses among others.

Friendly locals

Ugandan people are hospitable and friendly to everyone and welcomes visitors with shinning waves with big smiles. As you travel different safari destination expect to meet up with the local children along the way, as they look spotless in their school uniforms as they feel a sense of pride sharing their home with gorillas who occasionally stroll into the small village. Note, the younger generation are taught how to understand the importance of protecting and conserving these great creatures for quite long period of time.

Beautiful landscapes ( Reason to Visit Uganda )

Uganda as a country is a truly dominated by emerald green plantations growing bananas, tea and coffee. The best destination with green nature environment -Bwindi National Park a home to over 1,000 flowering plant species and 200 different trees as well as many endemic species such as African green broadbill, colorful butterflies and countless rare mammals on your visits.


Uganda boosts with unspoiled landscape that truly presents a real sense off the beaten track adventure. Truly on visit to Uganda expect to feel desolate region of Uganda and enjoy the undulating ride as you bounce over across grassy plains and poor roads. Uganda over shadows with varieties remarkable game parks which are gainful in wildlife adventure.

Remote mountains

Reason to Visit Uganda
Hiking Mount Rwenzori

Take a guided walk in the beautiful foothills of the majestic Rwenzori Mountains in order for successful views of jagged peaks and verdant hillsides soaring into the cloud-studded blue skies.  As your trekking up be expectant to view colorful butterfly flutter along the trails and enjoy the sight-seeing of exotic bird species as also listen to their sweet melodies as you make your way to the stream of stunning cascading waterfall.

Picturesque waterways ( Reason to Visit Uganda )

Ugandan landscape is dotted with beautiful vegetation, attractions; the source of the mighty River Nile, Lush vegetation thrives in this water-laden environment, with lakes ,waterfalls and thus making it a rich and beautiful scenery that supports the survival of the country’s remarkable diverse range of wildlife.


By travelling Uganda, visitors will get a great chance of visiting the most endangered creatures in the world – the mountain gorillas. Though the 80% of the money got from gorilla permits is used to fund conservation projects that support the survival of these primates.

Responsible tourism

The Uganda responsible tourism helps to provide support to the local people through the employment of local group leaders, guides and drivers. It also helps to improve the standard of living for local people.

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