Rwanda Silverback Gorilla Tours ; Is quite magnificent safari experience and apart from Rwanda, silverback tours can also be done in Uganda and DR Congo. However, in terms of biodiversity, these countries they offer the full tour package and tourists are always excited with the weather and beautiful scenery. Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo are the only countries where you can go encounter these endangered silverback gorillas and learn about gorilla conservation programs during your wildlife safari tours. Besides being developing countries ,the people in the three countries are hospitable and friendly to foreign visitors.

And one to be able fulfill his dream, we recommend you to contact a fully registered tour company with knowledgeable staff who will help you organize exhilarating not other than Achieve Global Safaris. We do also organize wildlife safaris to Kenya and Tanzania and short-day excursions within East and Central Africa. Or else, you can choose to go for mountain gorilla trekking combined with wildlife viewing, Chimpanzee tracking, golden monkey trekking, mountain hiking tours, cultural tour to Batwa pygmies/ Maasai people in Kenya’ s Masai Mara NP, Mountain hiking tours to Rwenzori Mountain, birding, Walking safaris among others. You might choose to go hiking Mount Karisimbi om Rwanda, visit the Nyiragongo active volcano in Congo, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania or the Rwenzori mountains in Uganda. There is a weekend viewing the source of the river Nile and white water rafting in Jinja.

NB; We also arrange safaris in Kenya, Tanzania and Congo.

To many visitors ask themselves are the gorilla safaris and other wildlife activities safe?  Well, yes because the countries where gorilla trekking is done Uganda and Rwanda are very safe to go for safaris. Though, DR Congo is still instability but its unique attractions make her simply irresistible. More fact, DR Congo is the only country where you can see both silverback mountain gorillas and lowland gorillas. Above all, Congo stuns with the breakfast Nyiragongo lava lake which is the only one visitor around the world can pay to see. The safety way to follow while watching silverback gorillas during a Congo Safari, you have to hire armed rangers to move with visitors all around their gorilla tracking safari. Due to insecurity around the park -Virunga National Park, for this case – the park management provide great lengths to protect visitors or even close the park if things get tuff to be solved. You can do a 3 Day Congo Gorilla Tour package.

You shouldn’t hesitate to contact us Achieve Global Safaris we offer the best wildlife experience, very affordable and take our customer as our first priority. An African safari is incomplete without a silverback gorilla tours to Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

Fact, silverback Gorilla safari takes you hiking through dense rain forest to meet face to face with wild gorillas in Africa. One engaging in silverback gorillas in Africa or gorilla habituation experience will enjoy the most magical experience in the whole world. You can’t imagine having a close encounter with these beautiful creatures that share 98% DNA human genes; they behave like human.

To others may want to know about this – Is Gorilla Trekking Ethical? Yes, because it is only way to generate funds for gorilla conservation in these development countries. Whereby, money got from gorilla permits, helps to protect the primates from poachers, work on infrastructure in the parks. If people tend to know the benefits of gorilla’s existence on planet, wouldn’t have harm them.

Note; Travelers wanting to see gorillas can book the 3 Days Uganda Gorilla Safaris package or do 3 Days Gorilla Trekking Rwanda package.

Rwanda Silverback Gorilla Tours
Rwanda Silverback Gorilla Tours

Well, in countries where mountain gorilla trekking is done – has become valuable to most of tourists who visit East Africa purposely to see the wild gorillas alongside other adventurous activities like; Mountain hiking, chimpanzee trekking, Golden monkey tracking, birding, visiting the grave of Dian Fossey in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda, including cultural visits like visiting the Ibyi’wachu cultural village and the Batwa many more during a Rwanda or Uganda safari.

In Volcanoes National Park Rwanda has about 12 gorilla families available for trekking experience and only 8 people are allowed to visit each gorilla family in a day. Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National and Mgahinga National Park- currently has 25 gorillas habituated group- family ,23 in Bwindi and 2 in Magahinga. If you’re to visit or do gorilla trekking must book in advance especially in peak season in order to secure their gorilla permits or avoid disappointments.

When is the best time to see gorillas in Africa?

In the world mountain gorillas can be seen in three countries that is Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. In Uganda can be found in two national parks; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Rwanda- Volcanoes National and Congo’s Virunga National Park.

So trekking gorillas in Africa is all year around activity though the perfect time is dry season when is no heavy rain to disturb you while tracking -muddy and slippery. Those who want to engage in silverback gorilla safaris in Africa, your body must be physically fit, because some gorilla/ families live near the starting points for tracking while others go deeper in the forest. However, the choice is yours, we do design affordable design involving silverback gorilla safaris; Uganda, Congo and Rwanda. You can do a 2day Rwanda Gorilla Tour or 3 days Bwindi Gorilla Safaris.

Take note; Best time to visit gorilla destination is during drier seasons which starts from; January, February, June, July, August, September and December. During drier seasons roads and trekking trails in the park are possible.

Wet season occurs from March to May and October to September. During this period of the year, visitors are few in the park and hotels tend to reduce their rates due to few visitors visiting the park for the activities. Although, it is the best time birders since food can be in plenty that attracts variety of birds species -migratory birds take charge in looking for fresh fruits and insect.  It is also a breeding season for birds thus a perfect time for birders.

Luxury Gorilla Safaris in Africa-Uganda & Rwanda

Achieve Global Safaris we do arranges Budget, Mid-range and Luxury wildlife tours. The moment you get to participate in luxury silverback gorilla you will exceed your expectations. Travelling in luxury will attain you to sleep in the best hotels and lodges while drinking fine wine in the African bush.

Luxury gorilla tours in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo can be arranged for individual, families, large groups and honeymooners. We also organize honeymoon safari in East Africa where involves special treats for lovers who want to spend their honeymoon experiencing it in the beautiful nature of Africa or take part in activities like gorilla trekking. Just imagine spending time with your loved one away from the noisy places – city while in breathtaking wildlife jungle, relaxing around the waterbodies, enjoying the nature green African vegetation and landscape under the stars- indeed nothing else more special you sleeping under brightening star in an African wilderness? You may book our 2 Days Bwindi Gorilla Safaris Uganda very rewarding.

Better Get Started Now! You can contact us Achieve Global Safaris to make for you an affordable safari tour package or contact us for more detail about Mountain Gorilla Experience.

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