Rwanda Visa: Like any other travel requirement, Rwanda visa is yet one of the requirements that one must possess while planning an adventure to Rwanda the land of a thousand hills. A Rwanda visa is crucial since it is required upon landing at the airport or crossing via different border points into Rwanda. It is very easy to obtain the Rwanda visa since several travelers can have the Visas upon landing at Kigali international airport. The visa can as well be obtained from various Rwanda embassies in different countries, at different border crossing points and many more.

However, before thinking of processing a visa, one needs to know which countries are visa free to Rwanda and then go ahead to process a visa. For instance, countries in East Africa community member states including Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan and Burundi are allowed to enter into Rwanda visa free and stay for a period of 6 months thus only National Identification cards or valid passports are required to cross into Rwanda.

Some countries are yet eligible to obtain the Rwanda visa upon arrival and these visas are valid for 30 days these countries include the members of African union, La Francophonie and the members of Common wealth. Some of these countries include Belgium, Canada, Congo, Australia, Egypt, Cameroon, Niger and many more.

Other countries like Ghana, Benin, Democratic Republic of Congo, Qatar, Indonesia and many other are allowed to receive the visa upon arrival and spend 0 days in the country.

Well, after confirming the visa status, then other requirements to apply for the visa include a valid Passport that has at least 6 months to expiry date, a proof of yellow fever vaccination and many other necessary travel documents to Rwanda.

Rwanda Visa
Rwanda Visa

It is also possible to apply for the Rwanda visa online through the link or through  for those travelers from countries which are not eligible to obtain visas upon arrival. We usually help our clients in the application process of the Rwanda visa and then send them the visa once it’s ready.

There cost of a visa depends on the type of visa one needs and since we are dealing with tour and travel, the cost of a single entry visa in Rwanda costs $50 per person and $70 for a double entry. For those who wish to explore different East African countries, then I would recommend an East Africa tourist visa that costs $100 for a single entry.

Rwanda is known to be one of the best countries to explore while on an Africa safari. It offers different adventures ranging from a few days to several days depending on one’s budget and travel plan.

Rwanda only has 3 national parks which are visited on a daily basis each with its own stunning attractions. These parks include Akagera national park which is the only savanna park in Rwanda and the only destination in Rwanda where one can enjoy game drives to encounter all the big 5 games including Lions, Elephants, Buffaloes, Hippos and Rhinos. Akagera as well offers boat ride safari along Lake Ihema to watch aquatic wildlife such as mammals and birds and many more. Another park to explore in Rwanda is Volcanoes national park which is the most visited destination amongst all the 3 parks in Rwanda.

Volcanoes national park
Volcanoes national park

Volcanoes national park is a home to 12 habituated mountain gorillas as of 2021, Golden monkeys and also harbors different volcanos including Mount Karisimbi and mount Bisoke that are hiked within Virunga massif. And finally we have Nyungwe forest national park which harbors over 13 primate species equivalent to the primates in Kibale forest national park.

Therefore, those who wish to encounter with various primates including chimpanzees can opt for an adventure in Nyungwe forest national park. Nyungwe forest as well offers the best walking safaris through well-established walking trails including the world’s best canopy walk.

We can organize you an entire Rwanda safari including the Rwanda Visa, various permits like Gorilla trekking permits, chimpanzee trekking permits, Golden monkey permits, volcano hiking permit, Dian Fossey hiking permit, Canopy walk and many more and as well take you for a memorable wildlife viewing safari in Akagera national park, organize transportation for you, book lodges and many more to make your Rwanda safari a memorable one.

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