The Sipi Falls Uganda tour; is a series of beautiful waterfalls located in eastern Uganda on Mount Elgon. In fact, Mount Elgon was once referred to as one of the highest Mountains in the world, but due to the erosion the top of the mountain collapsed and created many calderas.

Today Mount Elgon is one of the protected areas in Uganda and offers several amazing different activities.

Mountain Trekking -Climbing;

This is a fabulous experience that is done with lots of different hiking opportunities. Eastern region -climate is moderate and climbing the mountain all year around is possible.

Fact, the Sipi waterfalls offer various interesting shorter hiking trails through waterfalls which can last several hours. Once you get on the top of the waterfall watch down the slopes of Mount Elgon where you feel the magic of this region.

While on hiking experience, you will hike through several beautiful plantations of local farmers. Visit the local community where you will get to learn about their amazing local way of life. You will also have a chance to visit local farmers and learn a lot about Arabica coffee which is planted on Mount Elgon and have a great opportunity to do a coffee tour while on the coffee experience will have the whole process of coffee process from planting to brewing.

On a visit, you can experience abseiling the Sipi Falls and its amazing drops are around 100 meters with a spectacular view.

The Sipi Falls is a beautiful attraction in the Eastern region of Uganda and a visit to Sipi Falls can be combined with a visit to PianUpe Wildlife Reserve which is a less visited safari location. To many tourists, they don’t how beautiful this place is. Those who have visited it before can witness the rest.

The reserve is home to a wide range of wildlife species including; Cheetahs, Giraffes, Zebras, different antelopes like the Roan antelope, Elans, Jacksons, and Uganda Kobs among others, and a variety of bird species.

Well, it is very possible to visit Pian Upe on a day trip while you’re staying in Sipi. More so, while in your eastern part of Uganda, it’s a great opportunity to access Kidepo Valley National Park for a safari. You can do any safari to other national parks in Uganda.

Fact about the Sipi Falls;

The Sipi Falls are a series of three unique waterfalls, with the deepest drop as deep as 100 meters, and the other two waterfalls are 75 and 85 meters deep. Of which the second waterfall has upper cascades before the plunge with some small pools in between. Some pools are used for a refreshing bath.

The upper waterfall is 85 meters tall and its vigorous flow with mist provides some rainbows when hit by the sunlight at the right angle. What amazes me about this waterfall is when the water hits the ground, the river disappears underground for some distance and comes out again from under some rocks.  Although hiking experience will lead you through a natural bridge without noticing, if not told or noticed, that there is a river underneath. On the outskirts of the Sipi Falls, there are several other less impressive falls that can be visited. This is a wonderful place where you can visit on a holiday safari and be able to enjoy some peaceful nature.

Despite the fact, Mount Elgon lies in the Eastern part of Uganda near the Kenyan border while Sipi Falls is positioned on the northwest side of Mount Elgon about 55 kilometers north of Mbale.

Interestingly, Sipi waterfalls are often the starting point for hikers looking to climb the summit of Mountain Elgon. Well, the hiking experience is a great opportunity to warm up and prepare for the more challenging hikes of Mountain Elgon, even Rwenzori Mountain in the west of Uganda.

These waterfalls are break taking and they got their name from the Sipi River which was named after the local plant growing along the river banks called the ‘’sep’’. This Sep plant resembles a type of wild banana with translucent green fronds with a bolt of crimson red. They are used for medicinal purposes such as treating measles and fever.

Too many would want to know the history or naming this plant Sep, so a local legend once said, that the British sightseers once found a lady picking wild plants in the nearby plantation. She was asked the name of the falls. For her she thought they were asking the name of the plant, so she replied ‘’Sep’’.

You can also visit the upper loop of the Sipi waterfalls and guess want the hike is very easy to combine with the hike of the 3 falls. Hiking to Sipi Falls charges USD20 per person per trek.

What to carry for the hike;

Wear comfortable hiking shoes.

Carry your bathing clothes and a towel if you’d like to swim.

Carry enough drinking water and appropriate clothes to cover.

 We recommend you carry a brim hat or cap.

Lastly, it’s greatly amazing to be able to access this hidden treasure of Uganda’s Eastern region. Sipi Falls is a beautiful natural majestic wonder of its own, not because of its height in the region or any other superlative structure. Meanwhile, the upper and the sandwich fall are worth an encounter.

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