Susa group of mountain gorillas; This is the most famous visited gorilla group in Volcanoes national park which can be visited in South West of the Virunga Massif which stands mountain Karisimbi, with its highest measures ‘’4,507 meter’’ of the Virunga Volcanoes and home to Susa gorilla group.

 This group was created in 1974 and it is recorded to rank the second largest ever   watched mountain gorilla group with 42 members following Pablo-A group that had 65 members in the past.

Unfortunately, Pablo faced a rapid decline in 2006 from 65 to 30 members. Then in 2014 it had a number of 7 which increased to 42 individuals thus making it the largest group at the time.

Besides being the biggest gorilla group in Volcanoes National park, Susa sounds as   renowned of having the first set of surviving twins in the history of mountain gorillas in 2004.

Susa Group of Mountain Gorillas
Susa Group of Mountain Gorillas

These twins were named Impano which ‘’means to gift and Byishimo ‘’means Happiness’’. And under the leadership of the dominant silverback Kurira. Susa also maintains its unity and strength till the first split.

Susa group had grown large with various subordinate males. The presence of many subordinate males first split in 2009. The multi male groups –the silverback limits subordinate’s males access to females thus ignoring their contribution in protecting the group members, therefore the unhappy subordinates often end up leaving without a fraction of members.

Nyagakangaga is one of the subordinate silverback took 13 members and split from the Susa group forming Karisimbi family. However, another set of twins was born to the group in 2011.

Facts, mountain Gorillas are endangered wild species known as land mammals whom we share a close DNA of 98% after chimpanzees and the baboons.

Gorillas in Rwanda live in the jungle of Volcanoes National Park located in the northwestern part of Rwanda it only takes 2 hours away from Kigali Airport.

The park is located in the Virunga parts which has three Virunga volcanoes like Karisimbi, Mikeno and Bisoke.

 Volcanoes National park has a total of about 550 individuals fully habituated and ready for tourism. The park boosts with 10 habituated mountain Gorillas and are officially open to the tourists.

Each gorilla group like Susa gorilla family which is trekked by only 8 persons every day and one hour is given to the trekkers.

In other words, Susa gorilla family lives at relatively higher altitude and its one of the most challenging mountain Gorilla group to trek while on Gorilla Safari in Rwanda destination.

Ideally, this family was made renown because of the research that was carried on by Dian Fossey an American Zoologist who had taken her study on these mountain gorillas in Rwanda with her research center which was based at Karisoke.

Susa Group of Mountain Gorillas
Susa Group of Mountain Gorillas

Before it had 42 members but the number has reduced to 28 members including ;3 male gorillas and 3 silverbacks.

Note, Susa family was named after the Susa river that runs its water in the water where this gorilla group resides. The reason as to why Susa family is very famous because of her twin mountain Gorillas called Impano and Byishimo. This group has some of the oldest habituated gorillas which still live in the family.

Furthermore, a trekker has to be physically fit in the body in order to manage hiking in thick forest conopy.

Gorilla trekking experience is done with a well a trained guide who can trace where the family is allocated to easy for the tourists. Once you locate them you will be much excited with these gorilla family where you can be able to watch this stunning twin babies.

Get started to most done activity on Rwanda Safaris famously known as Gorilla Safaris.

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