The Synagogue Church Of All Nations Uganda (Scoan)

A Changing Ministry Destined To Take The Gospel Of Our Lord Jesus Christ To The Four Corners Of The World

The Synagogue Church of all Nations was founded by the Anointed man of God Reveland John Obiiri Yeboah from Ghana, He was a king from his country and given a message by God to come to Uganda to deliver and heal those that wanted deliverance in 1978.

 The first church he started was called The Redeemed church of God.  He was a man filled with Holy Spirit because he put all the finished work of Jesus Christ to work, healing the sick, cleansing the lepers, the blind received their sights, the poor got blessed with Jobs, good life and other infirmities were healed.

Among the people he prayed for was Prophet Samuel Kakande the foreseer and leader of The Synagogue Church of All Nations Uganda and The kakande ministries, kubiiri Roundabout on Bombo road.

The Kakande Ministries is destined to take the gospel of the lord Jesus Christ to the four corners of the world, here at Church people come from all over the world to tour, receive healing, deliverance like people from India, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Philippians and other neighbouring countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Ghana and Congo.

The ministry has around 1,000,000 members, specifically these people seek spiritual and physical deliverance because most of them are jobless, sick, barren, blind, homeless and other live challenging problems.

To cab the problem of joblessness the Man of Prophet Samuel Kakande under his ministry the kakande ministries opened a farm to help the youth and those who want to come out poverty to work there “GET OUT OF POVERTY- GOP” is registered under the kakande ministries, working on  a vast land located in the western part of Uganda, Masindi has been found to have favourable weather conditions with good fertile soils, hence the ministry has most of her farms there and  all the equipments and the machinery for large scale production like tractors, combined harvesters, planters, tippers, rice factory , water pumps and other necessities required for the farm. The farm’s target is to produce and satisfy the world market but first with East African countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan.

The crops grown on large scale are Rice, maize, passion fruits, cocoa and others. This farm welcomes every bodied Ugandan who wants to get out poverty.

Still under the ministry, there are other factories like tile factory, bakeries and others all of them targeting to give youth the required knowledge and skills to help them get out poverty because Jesus Christ is a worker so does everyone who follows Him must work. The bible says that, “whenever He went, He was doing good work” so that’s what Prophet kakande teaches us and other people who do not believe in the finished works of Jesus Christ to work because Faith without Actions is dead.

Uganda has been blessed to have such a gift amongst themselves who can preach, heal and deliver in Jesus name, prophesying things that happened before, present and the future. This is really the grace of the most High.

When you adventure with us the Gorilla Trekkers limited, you visit this spiritual world, where you see people with different problems healed hence you can partake the healing and deliverance both spiritually and physically to your respective countries. Though the healing and deliverance service is Thursday from 6:00am-7:00pm and thanksgiving service on Sunday from 7:00am – 6:00pm local time only these visitors who will be in Uganda in the mentioned days will have chance to visit the church and those that may wish to stay after their tour to congregate with us will need other special reservations with the church.


Preaching is strictly guided by the Holy Spirit, the Man of God speaks only the word of God and nothing more than that, the Bible is the tool used by the Holy spirit to reveal the truth about God and His son Jesus Christ. The preaching of Prophet Samuel kakande is destined to taking the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the four corners of the world.

Matthew 4:23 ‘’Jesus went all over Galilee, teaching in the Synagogues, preaching the Good news about the Kingdom, healing people who had all kinds of disease and sickness’’. Come and be renewed in your mind and be rooted in salvation by the power of God.

 Matthew 28: 19 -20.

Go you therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.


At the Kakande ministries, the miracles are flowing live a river of flesh waters because the Trinity is present in the midst of the people and our leader in faith Prophet Samuel kakande. In the early days unusual miracles were performed by Paul even the aprons and his shadows could heal the sick Acts of Apostles 19:11 so it’s done in the same way through the hands of Prophet Samuel Kakande.  Matthew 10:1 Jesus called His disciples together and gave them authority to drive out evil spirits and to heal every disease and every sickness. And therefore, the Man of God prays for people in the Name of Jesus Christ with no cost, I repeat prayers at the synagogue Church of all nations are for free.


  1. Crutches and Corsets

The sick people with broken and fractured limbs, backs, and necks, are always having medical reports from different hospitals to confirm their sicknesses and others given support gadgets from the respective hospitals for support. They are prayed for in Jesus Name by Prophet Samuel Kakande and receive instant healing.

  1. Barrenness

This problem covers a big group of people like women who have never had a fruit of womb, secondary infertility, men with low sperm count and others that fall in the same category. They are prayed for and receive healing and deliverance instantly and come with testimonies after a certain period of time.

We as a Tour Agency the Gorilla Trekkers limited, we bring to you this opportunity as you come to tour with us you may bring along with you, the sick and those in need of deliverance. Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday and forever to do a miracle in your lives.

  1. Septic wounds

These miracles amazingly bring Jesus Christ to the seen because here people come with septic wounds and oozing pas discharge from there damaged body tissues come to SCOAN and are prayed for in Jesus name by Prophet Samuel Kakande and they get instant healing.

  1. Bed Wetting

At the kakande ministries, the miracles of these forms are many, here adults come with this problem of bed wetting others since birth, others start at the youthful stage and miraculously get their deliverance.

  1. Skin

All kinds of skin diseases like skin lashes, dread skin disease and leprosy as the miracles were performed by our Lord Jesus Christ are being performed through the hands of prophet Samuel Kakande as the Spirit directs.

  1. Madness

With madness people come at The Kakande ministries with mental disorientation and prayed for by Prophet Samuel Kakande and regain their sanity.

  1. Diabetes and high blood pressure.

This sickness has taken more than 50% of the world population, here at the Kakande ministries people come with this sickness are healed instantly by the blood of our saviour Jesus Christ. The sick comes with the results and the Doctors take other results before prayer, immediately after prayer the Doctors take readings and diabetes and high blood pressure is already normal.

Those are some of the diseases and sicknesses that have been listed which Jesus Christ heals but they are more than that like HIV/AIDS, cancer, hernia, ulcers, prostate cancer, dental diseases and many other diseases that are not listed here just know that Jesus Christ heals them.

These are the requirements that are needed for you if you want to be prayed for;

  1. Medical forms confirming the sicknesses
  2. Keeping time from 6:00am-7:00pm local time

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