Things To Do in Ruma National Park :Ruma National Park once known as the Lambwe Valley Game Reserve located in Western Kenya close to Lake Victoria in Nyanza province and its purpose in existence is to protect its wide population of rare roan antelopes which cannot be found anywhere else. More so, the park is among the smallest Kenya National Park, covering an area of about 120 square kilometers and stands at an elevated area between 3937 to 5249 meters above the sea level.

Things To Do in Ruma National Park

The park first gazette as a game reserve in 1966 and later it was created as a national park in 1983 and it was named after the Kenya’s most powerful wizard and the most feared Germania who lived around the park.

Weather and Climate

The climate in the Ruma National Park is humid and hot. It experiences two rainy seasons from March to June and from October to early December.

Dry season starts from the end of June to September and from Mid-December to February.

Best Time to Visit

Ruma National Park can be visited throughout the year; however, wildlife viewing is best enjoyed during the dry season from June to October and from January to February.

Wildlife in Ruma National Park

Wildlife that calls Ruma their home includes; Eastern black rhinos, Roan antelope, Gazelles, African elephant, Cape buffaloes, Lelwel hartebeests, Rothschild’s giraffes, Hyenas Orbis, Bohor reedbucks, Serval cats, Jackson’s Hartebeests, Leopards, Topi, Baboon, Monkeys, Vervet monkeys, olive baboons and bush pigs, Honey Badgers, Topis, Mountain reedbucks, Hyenas among others.


The park houses over 400 different bird species recorded and most spotted ones during your Kenya safari here include; the rare blue swallows, Ostriches, sunbirds, kingfishers, the African fish eagles and pelicans among others.

Things to do in Ruma National Park

They include Game viewing, Birdwatching, sightseeing, camping, team building, meditation, the park is highly recommended as it has   a breath-taking view and rewardable location.

Game Drives

Wildlife viewing is one of the most rewardable activities in Ruma National Park. Tourists who visit the park on game drive safari get a chance to enjoy the beautiful landscape as well as the exceptional wildlife species such as Eastern black rhinos, roan antelopes, Rothschild’s giraffes, elephant, buffaloes and bush pigs. The best time to enjoy game drives   is during the dry season which starts from June to October and from January to February.

Nature Walks

Nature walks is a stunning activity here that offers to visitors an up-close chance to interact with the beautiful nature. During this activity, you will also get to enjoy sights of the wildlife species.

Bird watching

The fact is that, Ruma hosts more than 400 species of birds thus making it a home paradise for birders birds to see include; migrant Blue Swallows, Kingfishers, Sunbirds and African fish eagles Red-necked francolin, Crested francolin, Speckled pigeon, African green pigeon, Crowned lapwing, wood sandpiper, common green shank, white-browed coucal, swamp nightjar, wood sandpiper among others.

The best time for birding is during the rainy season, because there is a higher chance to spot migrant species.

Things To Do in Ruma National Park
Gray Crowned Crane


Camping is another activity to enjoy while in the park. Enjoy the wilderness and have picnics with some of the rewardable sites of Twiga and other features around.

Boat Cruises on Lake Victoria

Boat ride experience gives you a great chance to explore the wildlife along the shores of Lake Victoria such as Hippos and Crocodiles as well as aquatic bird species such as Kingfishers, pelicans and African fish eagles.

You can also enjoy a boat cruise as you watch the sunset while enjoying a glass of juice.

Where to stay;

Ruma National Park has got classified comfortable accommodation facilities ranging from budget, Mid-range and Luxury including; Rusinga Island Lodge, Mfagano Island, Nyati campsites, Golden rays’ resort, Ruma river lodge, Oribi guesthouse, Hotel twin brothers, Oyugi’s hill breeze hotel, Ruma Tourist lodge, Hotel hippo buck, ACK Guesthouse many others. You can combine Kenya Wildlife Safaris with Gorilla Trekking Safaris in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

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