Things to Do in The Masai Mara National Reserve : Maasai Mara National Reserve is the top tourist attraction safari destination in Kenya that attracts millions of tourists to visit especially during the Wildebeest migration events which usually happens in the months of July to October in this remarkable National Park.  Note the word Masai Mara -these are town words that the proves the unique senses and inspire bucket list dreams. It is located in a vast magnificent   landscape in Kenya that has made it a famous destination by intrepid explorer, royal families, A list celebrities, wildlife photographers and award-winning filmmakers. The park features with a lot   in offer to traveler’s wish lists and if you haven’t witnessed it yourself, this is time.  Below are incredible lists of things to do in the Masai Mara, that will attract you more and even make you to visit part next time on your Kenya Safari;

What is the difference between Masai and Maasai?

Meanwhile, there are two different ways to spell Masai?  So, some time it confuses people one is; Masai Mara National Reserve or Maasai Mara National Reserve? For all wanderlust travelers  most of time  want to know when they set foot on the African continent ,which could be the correct answer ; The correct answer is Masai Mara and then ‘’The Maasai’’ are the  thrilling Maa speaking semi-nomadic people of East Africa who are famously known as hospitable culture .In fact , the Maasai are famously renowned as the world unique people with their brightly colored shukkas ‘’ beautiful  traditional cloth’’  and distinctive  beaded jeweler ,fearless cohabitation with the Big5 animals  as well as their  stable ability to jump higher than Michael Jordan himself.  Any visit to Kenya safaris, you should leave without   meeting these unique Maasai people.

On other hand, the word Masai refers to as the world’s famous and game rich ecosystem that shares an unfenced border with Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. The park is also home to the great migration, the Mara ‘’ which is Maa for spotted’’ meaning it’s a land of beautiful vistas, diversity of wildlife and   seemingly endless grassy plains that are dotted with rare Acacia trees and thorn bushes.

So, on other side the word Maasai once represents people and Masai and land.  There is no Maasai Mara and land. However, there is no Maasai in other East African countries, you’ll soon see that all signs point to the ‘Masai Mara’’. So next time when you see these two words; the Maasai Mara or the Masai people don’t get confused, because you already know the answer. Below is the top bucket list of things to do and see in the Masai Mara which reconnect to the perfect   time to share among others.

Experience the Masai Mara on twice- daily game drives

The park is highly blessed with the highest concentration of animals in regard, the Mara destination doesn’t disappoint. Along your game drive, we recommend you to go with expert rangers who will uncover the wonders of the Mara.  While on seem of reconnecting the beautiful Maasai with their ancient and its most unforgettable land, below the things to experience while on safari to Kenya.

Explore the open savanna on foot

 Truly Masai Mara is has an open savanna which can be explored on foot while following in the footsteps of ancient explorers and local herdsmen on a once changing lifetime guided walking safari. On visit always heighten your senses without the hum of the safari vehicle, enjoy fresh breath air, spectacular view of the limitless horizon and appreciate the African soil on the soles of your shoes.

Take to the skies in a hot air balloon

This is one of the most incredible things to do while on visit in the park -hot air balloon safari which can experience in an aerial view above the mighty Mara plains. Just feel comfortable as you will be able to enjoy the spectacular bird eye view of all the animals. The best way to do is during the great migration event that tend to occur from July to October while migrating from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania via Mara River. This is truly unforgettable experience and hearty to enjoy champagne breakfast in the middle of the Mara.

Mingle with the Maasai on a community visit

Note, no journey made to Masai Mara would be complete without an authentic cultural experience that gets you up close and personal with the beautiful Maasai people. Along your visit to these unique and welcoming Maasai people, you will be invited into their humble mud and stick manyattas ‘’homesteads’’ and reveal their pastoral world and ancient time-honored traditions.

Things to Do in The Masai Mara National Reserve
Maasai People

Take time to the saddle on a horseback safari

This is fascinating way of experience   to explore an open landscape on horse ride without use of the safari vehicle and it is an invigorating way to adventure the vast landscape. Imagine riding closer to the dazzles of zebra, journey of giraffes and if your lucky have a great encounter of the mighty herds of the Great Migrations.

Witness the thundering hooves of the great migration

This is undoubtedly one of the most dramatic spectacles of the natural world, the Great Migration which is annual watch of over two million herbivores cross from Serengeti to Mara ecosystem. Although the enormous herds of the wildebeest can be seen every year, starting from July to October thus making it the world famous stopping destination.

Recreate your favorite scene from out of Africa

Out of Africa, Masai Mara National Reserve is one of the most scenic landscapes for the epic film which made the whole world fall in love with Kenya. On visit to Kenya safari, make sure you visit the exact locations where the famous movies were acted from.

Celebrate the sunset with Maasai warriors

You can do sundowners which overlooks the vast Mara plains as well as the Serengeti in the distance. Enjoy life complete with delicious snack and short drink, as you watch in awe as Maasai warrior perform their traditional song and dance.

Photograph lions in Big Cat Diary territory

Well, the Masai Mara stands as one of the safari destinations to host the largest population of lions in the world. Thus, the fact, it should come as no surprise to be named the world-famous nature documentary.’’ Big Cat Diary film was filmed in the Mara’’.

Dust off your lens and perfect your photography skills; The park is an ultimate safari destination that offers a gainful photographic experience and the wildlife adventure which is recommended in fully customized photographic safari vehicle that boost with 360 degrees swivel chairs and fully stocked personal drinks and air conditioning thus worth a visit to Masai Mara National Reserve.

A traveler can opt to combine both Kenya safari and Uganda safaris, you can do 8 days or 10 days Uganda Kenya Safaris. In Uganda can do Gorilla trekking and visit the ancient people -Batwa pygmies in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park with a visit to Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve for Game Drive Viewing, Great migration event, Hot air balloon, visit the Maasai people among other.

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