Tips To Know Before You Travel with Children on A Uganda Safaris : Travelling with children-kids is quiet charming since it offers you a great opportunity to enjoy remarkable everlasting memories with your loved ones. Uganda once called the Pearl of Africa is one of the unforgettable safari destinations that is an ideal for a family holiday vacation.

More to that, Uganda Safaris is one of perfect location for the family planning to have a safari on Africa continent that gives your children a chance to experience other unique cultures and discovering of other new magic places different from home and explore new ways of life. How ever, before you embark on Uganda Safari while traveling with children you need to keep in mind these things as high lightened; Age of your children, which activity suits you and your children so as you can delight in a joint adventure, long safari drives among others. Below we present you some to the tips you need to consider when traveling with children -kids on a safari in Uganda.

Plan in Advance

Fact that, a traveler looking forward to enjoy a family tour ,we advise you to do early planning as in booking for at least 4 to 6 months before the dates of travel and always  endeavor to see that all your loved one do qualify to adventure in ,almost every activity you are planning  to enjoy as a family.

Take the courtesy to look through your travel documents and ensure that they are valid in order to make your trip memorable.

Note; Early bookings save you from a lot of disappointments or inconveniences and end up with well calculated tour.

Selection of the right safari destination to visit

Choosing the right safari destination as a family on Uganda Safari depending on the children’s preference and age. For instance, safari places like Bwindi Impenetrable Forest where you can do gorilla trekking which don’t favor children below 12 years of age to take park in and only favors those with 15 years and above.

Best places to go on Uganda safaris with children however, Uganda has got national park those stuns with perfect activities for family safari game drives, boat rides, bird spotting. Interestingly, children -kids will be able to adventure abundant wildlife along park’s savannah plains an river showcases animals like elephants, buffalo, lions, giraffes, hyenas, warthogs, antelopes very easy to spot in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Take amazing boat rides on the Kazinga channel are some of Uganda’s most ultimate family safari experience. While on boat ride, can get closest view of school of hippos, crocodiles and elephant herds many more.

Guided nature walks are also highlight of family safari with children best interested in Lake Mburo and a great addition to your boat cruise with great view of water birds and wild animals like herds of antelopes like impala, zebras, Kobs many more. Other activities to engage in with children on safari include; Cultural encounter to Igongo cultural center, visit the equator, visit Ngamba Island for chimpanzee feeding, visit Jinja tour with amazing activities like kayaking, quad biking, mountain biking, grade five white water rafting, Uganda Museum among others.

What is the best time to visit Uganda?

Tips To Know Before You Travel with Children on A Uganda Safaris
Tips To Know Before You Travel with Children on A Uganda Safaris

Uganda is visited throughout the year but the best time is during dry season from June to September and December to February with less rain for your great encounter on safari in Uganda.

Type of Safari Car

Traveling with children ,you need to consider renting a comfortable 4×4 safari vehicle that accommodates you and all your luggage. Note ,There are many safari cars that are recommended for family road trips ,so we argue you to book a comfortable vehicle. We advise you to book the car hire from a reliable car rental company by the help of the tour agent and car rental company must provide child car seats. They can be found at some of the top malls in Kampala City before you hit the open road.

Consider hiring a suitable accommodation

This makes sense to check on the age policies of most of the lodge- camps you are planning to spend a night on your family vacation because some of accommodation in the park don’t accept kids of a certain age while others don’t allow children. Yet some accommodations are childe -friendly featuring family cottages /rooms ,have kids menu as well favorable kids activities including guided nature walks for kids , play game toes.

Lastly ,those planning to travel with children for a Uganda Safari however ,do not hesitate to reach out to a reliable travel agents to assist you a plan of a family friendly safari this season with a guarantee of long -lasting memories. Get more information and inquires on to book an effectively child- friendly tour in Uganda destination.

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