Tips To Make Your Gorilla Trekking Safari More Adventurous

Tips To Make Your Gorilla Trekking More Adventurous

What an exciting experience one shouldn’t miss to be part of on his or her Safari to Uganda or Rwanda, which is known as trekking mountain gorillas in their natural environment. But trekking without any planning can ruin all your adventure. Gorilla trekking to the thick forest of Uganda is much more adventurous than what is imagined, it’s not an imaginary trip but stands on fact about Uganda Safari. All you need to do is, get your visa to Uganda and fly over for the gorgeous gorilla adventurous. However, before even planning to go for Gorilla Safaris, remember to book your gorilla permit in advance because without a permit you can not be permitted to see gorillas. Holding your valid gorilla permit is the best way to access these unique gentle giants in their natural habitat.
Uganda is the best country to go for gorilla trekking because it’s estimated half the world’s gorilla population that still exists in the world. They are the most spotted primates on Uganda Safaris and Rwanda Safaris.
Uganda hosts two gorilla places that is; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. In Rwanda gorillas can be spotted in Volcanoes Rwanda National Park. Note, Gorillas are also considered as the ancestors of the human being with 98% of DNA architecture. Here is the highlight of tips to consider when it comes to go gorilla trekking safaris;

Tips To Make Your Gorilla Trekking More Adventurous
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Perfect Time for a Gorilla Trekking safari
One going for gorilla trekking safaris, you need to first know the perfect time to go; dry season where a maximum of the countries declares their holidays and during these seasons, higher rates of people flock in for Uganda Safaris. The number of travelers is high and permits are on high sale, so you need to book for your gorilla trekking permits in advance.
Note; Dry seasons happens; June to Mid-September and December to February.
While, at the time of the rain season, the trekking trails are quite muddy and slippery making it a bit harder for Uganda Gorilla Trekking.
During this time the gorillas move to the lower altitude and become easier to find at a time of trekking.

What Can Be the Price of a Gorilla Trekking safari?
Gorilla trekking permits Uganda costs USD700 per person per day and Rwanda Gorilla trekking cost USD1500 per person. Gorilla trekking age limit is 15 years old and above.

Differentiate Your Idea About Gorilla Tracking and Trekking
Gorilla tracking can be said as the pre-stage of Gorilla Trekking – during gorilla tracking the forest guards, rangers, guides along with trackers to find and marks the location for the trekking gorillas. All, this is done so that you can easily find a gorilla family you’re assigned to within your time limit. While , gorilla trekking means , adventuring the area of gorilla through a fixed way by the visitors.

Get Ready Early Morning with Full of Energy;
There is high chance of finding gorillas in the early morning which is much easier than finding them all day long. Gorillas start their day early in seeking of food and water, so you can find them near some productive plant or water bodies. All need to do, to follow instructions given by the ranger guide – he will alarm you early 6am when they are out and have a chance of exploring the beautiful fresh nature, with activities of gorillas as human beings.

Rules You Should Know Before Gorilla Trekking
Gorillas are peaceful species but they can become dangerous if you threaten them. For the safety of their violent. You need to know about the rule required when you’re with them; Gorilla rules are updated by the Uganda Wildlife Authority offices in Uganda and Rwanda’s Rwanda Board Development; Rules includes;
Do not use flash disc while capturing the image is prohibited.
Don’t make the jungle dirty by throwing your waste material.
You should keep a distance of a minimum of seven meter.
Don’t have direct contact with them
Don’t make noise through any medium
Eating and drinking near them can put you in trouble.
Be Within Your Group;
Gorilla trekking is done in a vast and wilder area so it is also having some other wildlife while trekking. It can be done in a group of ‘’8’’ eight people which helps you to remain safe and secure. Gorilla trekking experience becomes more rewarding and exciting when you do it together in a group.

Tips To Make Your Gorilla Trekking More Adventurous
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Get Your Permits Ready in Advance;
We recommend you if you are planning to go for gorilla trekking, to book your permit in 6-month advance because month to month and year to year number of people flock in from different countries across the world to visit these great giants.

Things to carry with on Gorilla trekking;
Along your journey to Gorilla trekking safaris, you need to know some of the important things which can make your trip better and adventurous.
Get your packed lunch box and enough drinking water with you.
Carry a raincoat in your bag
Don’t forget to pack insect repellent, sunscreen – these is a must to carry them with.
Carry your smartphone, digital camera with no flash.
Hire a good porter to help you in stuff trails.
Hire A Knowledgeable Porter;
If you’re tracker with heavy luggage at your back -this can make you feel tired in place of adventure, so we advise you to hire a porter to go with and helps you to carry your load.

Clothes Suitable for a Gorilla Trekking safari;
What an incredible adventure of gorilla trekking that includes; climbing of the mountain, crossing through the forest and water bodies. Well, it is necessary for you to prepare for this situation with proper clothing and other essentials such as;
Wear the clothes in form of layer.
Wear lighter colored clothes
Use hiking boots with high neck
Wear raincoat
Wear full sleeve t- shirt and long trouser
Get to go gorilla trekking adventure where you will enjoy full of natural world that will amaze you and offer you quite number of unforgettable memories.

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