Top tourist attractions in Kenya; Well, Kenya is one of Africa’s most varied travel destinations. Tourists going on safari we recommend them to do safari in world class such as the Masai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park but they boost with many other compelling remarkable attractions.

Amboseli National Park

Top things to see in Kenya include; the idyllic beaches, offshore reefs and old Swahili settlements that line the Indian Ocean coastline.

Other Kenya tourist attractions include the great opportunity to gaze at the snowcapped peaks of Africa’s two tallest mountains. Below are the top things to do in Kenya as high lightened;

Adventure the world’s largest wildebeest Migration in the Masai Mara;

The Masai Mara is Kenya’s most famous safari destination. Therefore, few parks are more reliable when coming to see lion, leopard, cheetah and other carnivores.  If your lucky you can be able to see all the Big Five species with unique sighting of a black rhino. Wildlife viewing is perfect all year around. But the best time of enjoying wildlife species starts from August to October, when millions of migrating wildebeest stream across the border with Tanzania. What an interesting thing of watching these wildebeest cross the Mara River.

Step Back in Time at Fort Jesus

Mombasa’s Fort Jesus was set up by the Portuguese in 1593 and would go on to change hands many times over the centuries. This place is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site, lies from the seaward side where the turreted walls rise 16meter above the old harbor.  The place is an excellent site museum and a cartoon like 17th century fresco painted by an anonymous Portuguese sailor.

Visit – Climb Mt Kenya

 Well, Kenya shares its name with Africa’s second highest mountain, an extinct volcano whose equator straddling glacial peaks measuring 5,199meter. More so, the multi day climb to the snowline is not recommended to everyone, but it will top many hiker’s wish lists of what to do on Kenya Safaris. The ascent passes through montane forests habit for elephants, monkeys and a chilly Afro-alpine moorland zone dotted with otherworldly giant lobelias. The highest non-technical peak   raises 4,985 meters/16,355ft.

Enjoy Flamingos and other notable bird species at the Rift Valley Lakes

In Kenya millions of beautiful flamingos can be spotted at Lake Nakuru National Park a renowned as a Rift Valley in the northwest of Nairobi. Bird lovers on visit here can be able to spot as many as possible such as Grey crowned crane, Common ostrich, less flamingos, Yellow-billed stork, Flamingos, Black – tailed Godwit, Great Snipe, Bateleur, Crowned Eagle, Pallid Harrier, European Roller, White-backed Vulture, Rueppell’s Griffon; Vulnerable species include Abyssinian Thrush, Lappet-faced Vulture, Greater Spotted Eagle and Imperial Eagle among others.

Snorkel the Coral Gardens of Watamu

Watamu, lies on the Indian Ocean coastline about 100 kilometers drive north of Mombasa, stand at the north end of a shallow bay punctuated with weird mushrooms and shaped coral islets. The Watamu beach is one of the few beaches where you can visit and be able to enjoy snorkel and flippers, thus finding yourself exploring calm coral gardens swirling with colorful reef fish.

Those who don’t know how to swim can enjoy the submarine action in a beautiful glass -bottomed boat.

Take an Exclusive Private Safari in Laikipia Plateau;

Laikipia differs from other major safari destinations that composes a mosaic of like-minded private reserves as well as community conservancies.

Take note, some lodges here operate on an all-inclusive basis; depending on which you visit and guided activities to do includes; standard game drives, night drives, bush walks and horseback excursions.

Top Tourist Attractions in Kenya
Laikipia Plateau

Wildlife viewing is perfect as you can be able to view all the big fives as well as African wild dog, grevy’s zebra- which is larger and has narrower stripes than other zebras and the striking reticulated giraffe.

Visit Hell’s Gate & Mt Longonot

Hell’s gate National Park stuns with volcanic plugs and hot springs. This is the only park where you can do walking safaris or cycle unguided through big game territory. Buffalos, giraffe and other various antelopes which are residents.

The skyline is dotted by Mount Longonot, located nearby Volcano whose gaping caldera and last erupted in the 1860s. It takes 90 minutes to hike from the base.

Visit the Amboseli National Park 

Amboseli Nation is one among the most popular visited Kenya destinations. More to that, the park is renowned for its largest concentration of elephants in the world and a stunning place to view the snowcapped Mount Kilimanjaro from the plain of Amboseli, a phenomenon that most often occurs at dusk.

Chill out on Idyllic Diani Beach

Travelers want to go for their leisure along the Island, Diani beach is best that sits on an area of about 33kilometers south of Mombasa, ticks all the boxes when it comes to tropical beach escapes and the beach is surrounded by beautiful forests which supports plenty of monkeys and it makes a great base for a day tour.

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