Tourist activities at Ssese Islands: The Ssese Islands, located in the northwestern part of Lake Victoria, are a paradise for stunning beach lovers and nature enthusiasts. Ssese Island is comprised of over 80 islands, visitors can relax on pristine sandy beaches swim in crystal clear waters and enjoy a range of water sports and outdoor activities. The largest island in the archipelago is called Bugala Island which accounts for more than half the archipelago’s land area. The island is in Kalangala district the largest town in southwestern Uganda. Kalangala is located approximately 51 kilometers, across water, southwest of Entebbe, in Wakiso district, on the Ugandan mainland. The Ssese Islands is encompassing of two islands that is the Koome Islands which are found in the North Eastern part of Lake Victoria and the Bugala Islands in the southwestern part of Lake Victoria and these are separated by the Koome channel. Some of the Islands that make up the Ssese Islands include Nyamba Island, Koome Island, Bugala Island which is the largest inhabited island in Ssese Islands, Belaga Island, and Banda among others. These captivating Islands differ in size from about 10, 000 square kilometers to over 40 kilometers in length with the largest being the Bugala Island and the most visited.

The Ssese islands are sanctuaries to countless birds including Crested Crane, shoebill Stork, Shelley’s Crimsonwing, Great Blue Turaco, marabou Stork, African Green Broadbill, Doherty’s Bush shrike which are enjoyed by bird lovers. These make bird watching remarkable. the ssese island also offers a lot of amazing safari activities to its visitors such as swimming, birding, sport fishing, nature walks, and plantation exploration among others

This article presents to you some of the activities carried out while on a Uganda safari in Ssese islands that shouldn’t miss

Tourist activities at Ssese Islands include;

Beach hopping

Ssese island is home to some of the most stunning beaches in Uganda. The island is one of the few destinations in Uganda offering an unforgettable swimming experience. While on Ssese island, you should get a dip in the largest freshwater body in east Africa and spend a day sunbathing on the soft white sands, swimming in the clear waters and take the astonishing views of Lake Victoria. Some of the popular beaches on the islands include Lutoboka beach, Bugala Beach and Banda Island beach, all offering the best beach safari to its visitors. Visitors while on a beach safari in Ssese islands will also have a chance to spot some of the astonishing views of the surrounding area beyond the island as well as opportunities to encounter some of the marine species such as water birds, fish species, crocodiles and animals among others.

Sport fishing

Sport fishing is one of the tourist activities in the Ssese Islands. Fishing trips are usually arranged to the different fishing villages with the intention of trying to catch the largest fish. The main catch here is Tilapia but the real trophy is getting the Nile Perch. To engage in sport fishing in Ssese islands you need to first obtain a fishing permit from the authorities before engaging in this activity. Although you can hire fishing gear from the islands at a good price, it is better to come with your own equipment. During your fishing safari on the island, you will have a chance to catch different kinds of fish species including Nile perch, mudfish, and silverfish among others.

Water sports

One of the tourist activities in the Ssese Islands, if you’re a fan of water sports, Ssese Islands has plenty to offer. Taking part in water sports activities such as boating safari is one way you can explore the hidden treasures of the islands, boating safaris in Ssese are carried out all throughout the day and you will find many locally made boats ready to take you around Lake Victoria while visiting the different landing sites. The boat rides can also take you from one Island to another for those who are adventurous but remember to put on a life jacket before boarding one. For one to participate in this thrilling activity, you need to pay 50,000 UGX per person for one-hour rides while viewing the remarkable beauty of the island as well as its exceptional ecosystems.

Tourist activities at Ssese Islands
Jetski ride at Ssese Island

Nature walks

Ssese island is teeming with wildlife and lush landscape, making it the ideal destination for nature lovers. Nature walks on the island are one way you can connect with nature as well as uncovering the hidden gems of the island. While on the island you will be guided through the island’s lush forest and wetlands where you will marvel with astonishing insights into the island’s diversity such as monkeys, birds, butterflies, animals, and the local community as well as the fascinating views of the lush vegetation.

Community visit

The Ssese islands are one of the last strongholds of Buganda’s ancient cultural practices. Visitors while on a Uganda community visit to Ssese island will have a great opportunity to get a taste of the local Ugandan culture by visiting communities on Ssese island that are the oldest Buganda’s people. Community visits here are always guided tours where you will be able to learn about the island’s history, tradition and way of life and also have a chance to interact with the friendly locals who call Ssese island home


Ssese Island is home to a large number of bird species which can easily be seen in the swamps, the forests and along Lake Victoria. While on a bird watching safari in Ssese Island, you will get a chance to spot some of the bird species that dwell in the forest such as Doherty’s Bushrike, the Shelley’s crimsonwing, yellow weaverbirds, shoebill stork, crested crane, the Great Blue Turaco and the African Green Broadbill among others. You will need binoculars in order to be able to see the birds clearly in their natural habitat.

Visting Nyamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Visiting the chimpanzee sanctuary is a most do activity while on a safari in Ssese islands. the islands are home to over 50 rescued chimpanzees. while on this fascinating island, you can apply to volunteer at the island or just visit to see the chimpanzees in their natural habitat. Feeding these fascinating Chimpanzees at the sanctuary is very popular with tourist and primate lovers but you can also go for birdwatching and boat cruises around the Island.

Quad Biking

Quad biking through Ssese Island is a thrilling adventurous activity that will see you drive through the forests, the villages, fishing sites and into Kalangala town. This is the best way to explore the hidden gems of the Island and the bikes are always available at an affordable price. You can hire a bike and drive through Bugala while observing some of the animals in the forest. This activity begins with a briefing where you will undergo a free training is carried out before the session begins. More so this activity is more interesting in the mud place or along the water puddles

Other activities are camping, canoe rides, Traditional tour to Kalaya caves, and Palm oil plantations among others

Accommodation safari at Ssese Island

Visitors planning to go on a Uganda safari in Ssese Island shouldn’t worry about where to stay, the islands have a number   of fascinating accommodation facilities ranging from luxury level to mid-range as well as budget among these fascinating facilities include Brovad Sands Lodge, Pearl Gardens Beach, Ssese Island Beach Hotel, Mirembe Resort Beach, Ssese Habitat Resort among others

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