Tsavo East National Park : Tsavo East National Park is renowned as the theatre of the wild making it one of the magical Kenya Wildlife Safari destinations located in the Taita – Taveta County of Kenya near Voi Town and sits approximately 173 kilometers northwest of Mombasa. However ,it was established in 1948 and covers an area of about 1374 square kilometers that makes it one of the largest and oldest game parks in Kenya . More so, the park gives a great sight of the dust -red elephant wallowing, rolling and spraying each other with the midnight blue waters of palm – shaded Galana River one of the most evocative images in Africa.

Tsavo East National Park

Note; Both of these great Tsavo National Parks ‘’Tsavo East and Tsavo West are located closer to east other and what makes them separate is the railway line.

Tsavo East National Park is among the most boosting and visited Kenya Safari destination while on Kenya Wildlife safari. The park ranks with quite number of fabulous attractions as high lightened below;

Mudanda rock

Mudanda rock in Tsavo East National Park is an inselberg of stratified rock of 1.6 kilometers and the rock is water catchment in the area that supplies water to the natural dam lied below. This watering area supports wide population that comes to drink water especially in the dry season.

Mudanda rock is a perfect viewing point used by many tourists to view animals in the park such as elephants, wildebeest, buffaloes among other wild animals in the park.

Yatta Plateau

Yatta Plateau is one of the iconic tourist attraction, tourists shouldn’t miss to visit while on Kenya safari in Tsavo park. More fact, Yatta plateau  sounds as the world’s longest  lava flow of 290 kilometers formed as a result of lava that formed the OIDoinyo Sabuj Mountain during the eruption process. This plateau runs along the western border of Tsavo East National Park above Athi river.

Take note, Yatta plateau is one of the impressive features in the park and it has the longest lava flow in the world.

Lugard falls

Lugard falls is one of the stunning features found in Tsavo East National Park and a beautiful feature to visit on a Kenya Walking Tour in the park. Well, Lugard falls features a series of white-water rapids and is formed in the Galana river.

Note; Lagard falls was named after a British explorer and colonial administrator by the names of Fredrick Lugard’s who arrived in Mombasa early in 1888.

Tsavo East National Park
Lugard falls

Galana and Tsavo River

The landscape of Tsavo East National Park is dotted by two rivers of Galana river and Tsavo river – these two rivers are very supportive to the park and its ecology.  These two rivers are the main water source for animals in the park.

Tsavo river runs through the two the Tsavo National Parks; Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Park, Tsavo river joins Athi river to form Galana river. Originally, Galana river runs its water in the south eastern Kenya highlands and on its way, it connects to the Indian ocean where it pours its water running through Tsavo East National Park.  Galana river home to huge concentration of crocodiles which are mesmerizing to watch while on a Kenya Wildlife Viewing Safari in Tsavo East National Park.

Kanderi swamp

This swamp is one of the major water sources feeding the ecosystem of the park and act as one of the remarkable tourist attractions in the park. This swamp lies along the Voi River and as water source that attracts to numerous animal species.

Kanderi swamp is rewarding site while on wild viewing safari in the park.

Aruba dam

Aruba dam is a water reservoir in the park, built in 1952 along Voi River. More so, Aruba dam is one of the impressive Kenya Wildlife Viewing spots in Tsavo National Park. They attract thousands of animals most especially in the dry season – when these animals can be seen gathering the dam quenching for water. The dam also attracts variety of birds which can be watched along your tour in the park.


Game drive viewing is the highlight activity in Tsavo East National Park and in the country. Tsavo is one of the best wildlife destinations in Kenya with more than 675 individual species.

List of mammal species in Tsavo East National Park includes all the ‘’BIG5’’ elephant, leopards, cheetah, buffaloes, black rhinos, gazelle, aardwolf, Grevy’s and plain’s zebra, warthog, waterbucks, civet, dik-dik, warthogs, African wild cat, African hunting dog, duikers, eland, African dormouse, stripped and spotted hyena, tree hyrax, black-backed and side stripped jackal, lesser Kadu, gazelles, small spotted genet, greater galago, bat-eared fox, Africa hare. Mongoose species including; banded mongoose, dwarf mongoose, Egyptian mongoose, marsh mongoose, slender mongoose and white -tailed mongoose and species of duikers like bush duiker, re duiker and blue duiker many more.

Primates’ species to see in Tsavo East incudes; Skye’s monkey and yellow baboon.

Bird life

Tsavo East National Park is truly haven for birders ,boosts with over 500 bird species recorded ,list includes; Acrocephalus grisedis ,Papyrus Gonolek ,Somalia ostrich ,Martial Eagle ,Anhinga rufa ,Casmerodius albus ,Lesser Kestrel, Red-Bellied parrot ,African Finfoot ,Ephippiorhynchu senegalensis, Fischer’s starling ,Golden pit pit ,Polemaetus bellicosus ,Black-faced sandgrouse ,Golden-breasted starling ,Vultures ,Common bulbul ,Little egret ,Mourning Dove ,Love birds ,Slender-tailed nightjar ,Secretary bird ,Masai ostrich ,Hamer kop mentioned few.

Get started planning now! A visit to one among the famous African Safari destination ‘’Kenya Wildlife Safaris’’.

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