Uganda Gorilla Families & Groups : The following are the known habituated gorilla families and their members. However, the gorilla families, sizes and members keep on changing because the silverbacks always tend to make new families; poachers kill them, and many other factors. Each family is unique and diverse ranging from family members to personal traits. it is  Only Africa  where mountain gorillas are found, habituated and tracked. Uganda is a land-locked country in East Africa; adored by nature, good weather and very hospitable people. With 21 habituated gorilla groups, Uganda offers amazing Uganda gorilla tours.

Records indicate that it hosts half of the world’s mountain Gorilla population; Approximately 600 individual gorillas out of the reported over 1069.  However, Note that records change since the Apes reproduce, and also die at times.

One can only find the Gorillas in the tropical rain forest of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park in southwestern Uganda. Encountering the mountain Gorillas is in two ways; either through gorilla trekking or habituation experience. Though shy and in the wild, gorillas have been trained to accept visitors, while moving on with their daily activities. Tracking them is unforgettable, and limited to only eight people a day. In both parks, Uganda has over 20 Gorilla Families, with two left for research.

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is a UNESCO world heritage site, most famous for gorilla trekking and a host to the majority of gorilla families; over 15 in number within its 4 distinctive regions namely; Rushaga, Nkuringo, Buhoma and Ruhija. The families in this park are reported to be slightly different from the other species in other conservation areas, though more studies are being done. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park has only gorilla family and others under habituation, Uganda Gorilla Families & Groups

below is the list of all the gorilla families in Uganda.

Bwindi Gorilla families

Mubare family.

Mubare gorilla family is the oldest group in the park from 1993, with a name meaning stone. It occupies the Mubare hills in Buhoma sector, with 8 members and 1 silverback. The group is led by a silverback called Kanyonyi.

Uganda Gorilla Families & Groups
Mubare family

Habinyanja family.

Formed in 1997 and first visited in 1999, Habinyanja family is one of the oldest groups in the park. Its name was derived from the local word “Nyanja” which means water. They spend most of their time around one of the swamps in the forest. The family is comprised of about 17 members, inclusive of two silverbacks and led by a dominant silverback called Mugurisi.

Rushegura family.

Rushegura family has a total of about 19 members, led by a dominant silverback; Mwirima, a brother to Rwansigazi, a silverback in Habinyanja family. It was formed in 2002, after a breakup from the Habinyanja family. The family increment happened in 2012, from 12 members to 19. The number might have changed by the time of your arrival.

Bitukura family.

With 14 individuals from the original 24, formed in 2007, Bitukura family is one of the best groups to encounter in this jungle. They are very peaceful, playful and united. It has 4 silverbacks and is led by Ndahura, Uganda Gorilla Families & Groups

Nshongi family.

Nshongi family with the largest individuals in the park at the Rushaga sector. Twenty-six members, inclusive of four silverbacks, close to Nshongi River where the name was derived. Initially, by September 2009, the group had over 36 members, three silverbacks, and 7 black backs. A population that split in 2010, when Silverback Mishaya left with 10 members, leaving only 26 mountain gorillas, inclusive of four silverbacks.

Oruzogo family.

Formed in 2011 by Uganda Wildlife Authority in the Ruhija sector, the Oruzogo family is made up of 25 individuals, plus 2 silverbacks. The group is led by a dominant silverback called Tibirikwata. It is the only gorilla family that saw the birth of twins; a rare occurrence in the gorilla Kingdom.

Nkuringo family.

A name derived from the word round hills is one of the hardest groups to track in the park. Nkuringo is led by a silverback known as Rafiki, who inherited the fathers’ position – Nkuringo. This family also saw the birth of twins namely Katunga who passed on before his second birthday and Muhoza. They are approximately 19 in number.

Mishaya family.

Mishaya family is made up of four members, who a leader is known for fighting. The family is at Rushaga sector and led by Mwine; a dominant silverback from 2014.

Kahungye family.

This group is comprised of 3 silverbacks and a total of 13 members in the mountain areas. They are one of the newest groups in the Rushaga region. It was in 2011 that this group was discovered with over 27 members; though later reduced to 13 when a silverback – Busingye split with several members.

Bweza Family.

This is the second – largest habituated group in the park. The park rangers revealed that in 2012, which Bweza split off from the main group to form his own. Trackers can find this family in the Rushaga sector.

Uganda Gorilla Families & Groups
Bweza Family

Busingye Family.

Also found in the Rushaga sector, this family is also one of the largest in the park. The group was named after a silverback Busingye. It was in 2012 that he split with 7 members from the Kahungye family where he belonged. He is famous for winning females from other groups.

Kyaguriro Family.

Researchers from across the globe can visit the Ruhija sector to study this family. It is made up of 15 members and 2 silverbacks. This group helps conservationists learn more about the life of gorillas and also how to tame and protect them.


Nyakagezi family.

This is the only group at Mgahinga national park. It is a group where trackers leave with great smiles and aching ribs because of the fun. The first leader was Bugingo who passed away because of old age and was replaced by the elder son Mark and two other Silverbacks; Mathew and Mafia. The group is so playful thus entertaining visitors.

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