Uganda Hunting Safari  : How Much Does It Cost to hunt in Uganda  : Uganda is a landlocked country and on African map is positioned in Eastern side. The central Africa bordered in by Kenya, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania. More fact, Uganda lies completely within the Nile basin and although generally equatorial. Well, Uganda’s climate is not uniform as the altitude modifies the climate. However, temperatures usually go to the 35 degrees Celsius ‘’90 degrees Fahrenheit’’ mark during the day it drops to 5 degrees Celsius ‘’40 degree Fahrenheit’’ at night.

Uganda hunting season is from January through November. It rains throughout the year with slightly more rain on average in April to June and November.

The best time to hunt Buffalo and hartebeest is during the months of December to end of April. When the grass is too high and hunting buffalo becomes challenging. Other species may be hunted year round. Uganda’s protected areas hold the most density of Sitatunga anywhere in Africa and these safaris are undertaken in the Kafu River Basin and in the papyrus belts along the banks of River Nile.

Firearms and Ammunition

Each hunter is allowed to carry two rifles to Uganda. There is no stipulated maximum amount of ammunition allowed into Uganda. However, this is highly restricted by airline regulation ‘’usually 11 pounds’’ a perfect combination would be 60 rounds for a light riftle and 20 softs and 20 solids for a heavy rifle. Firearms are prohibited like Handguns, semi-automatic. Silencers are not allowed for hunting. So, we recommend a .270-.300 for most species and a .375 – .416 for buffalo.  Good question; Should a hunter wish to not carry his/her own rifle on the safari that is camp rifles and ammunition available for their use at an additional cost. All you need to do, confirm the costs and rifle model when booking the hunt.

Permits and Licenses

All sport hunters visiting Uganda have to obtain a hunting licenses and a rifle import permit prior to their arrival.

A daily conservation fee is USD100 per hunter per day and USD40 per non hunter per day are charged by the authorities. Cost of two rifles and ammunition importation is included in the full safari package under royalties.

In Uganda, best places to go for hunting trip include; Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Kidepo National Park, Mount Elgon National Park.

Where to do sport hunting in Uganda?

There are three types of hunting areas – private land, communal hunting areas and national game reserves. In Uganda, communal hunting areas operate privately. Note, sport hunting in Uganda is not well developed.  The road networks in some of the hunting area are particularly poor. The best sport hunting is done at the Ssese Islands ‘’for Sitatunga’’, East Madi Wildlife Reserves, Ajai Wildlife Reserve, Kabwoya reserve as well as in Karamoja.

Uganda Hunting Safari
Uganda Hunting Safari

Hunting on the Ssese Islands is done in the company of about 10 escort. These former poachers are hired because of their hunting skills and vast knowledge of the area. Hunting in Kabwoya wildlife reserve is gorgeous as you will be able to hunt various species like buffaloes, Oribis, warthogs, bushbucks, Jackson’s hartebeest, Bush Duikers and the Uganda kob. Other best hunting places in Uganda are; Matheniko, Bokara, Pian Upe Wildlife Reserves and all area near South Sudan.

The participating hunter can take the hides, horn and skins. The general cost of shooting a leopard in Uganda is US$2000, a hippo US$1000 and a hyena is US$100 per person.  The Uganda Wildlife Authority is in partnering with companies like the Aswa- Lolim Wildlife Association and the Uganda Wildlife Safaris to restore the animal population in northern Uganda.

What to pack for sport hunting in Uganda?

Recommended clothes include;

T- shirt and long sleeved shirts

Sturdy hiking boots


Khaki shorts

Hunting waders

Stockings and enough underwear

Warm jacket and rain coat



Flip flops and sandals to wear back at your lodge

Hunting backpack

Insect repellents

Hunting gaiters

Documentations need for your travel

Copy a copies of your personal documents

Valid passport


Airline tickets

Health requirement

Cell phone, laptop and additional chargers power adapters

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