Uganda-Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari Packing list :  Packing for your safari a useful essential is the best to enjoy your safari holiday experience without any interfering of weather condition in that recognized place of visit like Uganda and Rwanda ‘s gorilla trekking destinations requires one to pack items that can protect you from unfamiliar hush weather conditions just adding on what usually include in your travel luggage. In Uganda gorillas can be trekked in two national parks Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla national park and Volcanoes national park in Rwanda

 The useful essentials one needs to pack on Gorilla Trekking Safari Packing List as highlighted below;

Hiking rubber boots

Hiking gloves

Energy giving drinks and snacks

 Pair of binoculars

Light backpack

Hiking pants –trousers

Long –sleeved shirt, Blouse

Waterproof Jackets

Hiking Rubber Boots

 First of all, mountain gorilla trekking is done in tropical rainforest on the foothills of huge mountains where forest trails are muddy and sticky damp. The hiking boots is the only item which will keep you upright on uneven ground. They will also protect you from crawling bugs and sharp objects. You putting these boot will give you much excitement in this thick misty habitant of the mountain gorillas.

Uganda-Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari Packing list
Packing List

Try to pack a light pair of boots that doesn’t squeeze your toes thus giving you comfort hike during your gorilla trekking excursion.

A pair of Gaiters

It’s also better to pack a pair of gaiters which will help to protect you from bugs, water and dirt not sneaking into   your waterproof boots. This gaiter helps to prevent you cover   the vulnerable tops of your footwear ,by protecting your feet from the jungle floor. Just know that the tropical jungle floor has all kinds of crawling bugs, the most seen one are the red safari ants that can creep up your legs and bites you.

All you need to keep these creepers out is to but fitting gaiter of about 8-12 inches tall. If not so, your guide will ask you to tuck your trouser inside your tall socks to protect you from the bugs.

Hiking Gloves

 Just to remind you that where gorilla trekking is done, the jungle leads you to the cutting paths with a machete. To the extent some branches may be covering your path and you to withhold it is to touch it to clear your path. Besides that, you might be trekking in slippery terrain, where you most probably hold onto plants to stabilize. If you happen to touch on some itching plants, trees without these safe hiking gloves you may be harmed.

A pair of hand gloves is one of the main item a tracker should pack for a gorilla trekking safari, because they will protect your hands from being harmed or irritation.

Waterproof Jacket

Note, Mountain gorillas live in tropical rain forest where rain can fall throughout the year for that condition, you need to pack useful essentials like waterproof Jacket to stay dry.

That why most of travelers prefer travelling in the drier months of June to Mid-September. All to avoid the rainy seasons of March, April and May. However, rain can fall down anytime on the tropical rain forest. When deciding on what to pack for your gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Volcanoes National park, pack a rain jacket or Poncho in your luggage.

Long- Sleeved Shirt/Blouse

 The gorilla trekking is done in thick forests which greatly differ from the savannah plains and if you know your skin is so sensitive to touch and scratch then a long-sleeved hiking shirts is recommended on your gorilla trekking packing list.

This item will not only protect your skin but as well in the wet coldness of the tropical rainforest, they will provide more insulation.

Hiking Pants/Trousers

This items are breathable and let your sweat evaporate quickly, putting on these will keep you cool and from skin damage during the trek.

Pack energy snacks

Always pack enough drinks and snacks because gorilla trekking can take 30 to 7 hours, so we advise you to carry some energy giving snacks.

Cameras and extra batteries

 Photography is an essential thing on your gorilla safaris, so always pack extra batteries to take many as possible photos in that one-hour time given to you to spend with the gorillas.

Uganda-Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari Packing list
Uganda-Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari Packing list

Insect Repellent

 The rainforest breeds with various bugs that may cause severe irritation to your skin. So carrying your repellent will keep you from the bugs.

Pair of Binoculars

This will help give you a clear view of birds and animals in far distances while on safari to Bwindi or Volcanoes national park.

Porter for your gorilla trek

Trackers who have heavy luggage’s can use porters at avery small money.

Light Waterproof Backpack

While packing for your gorilla trekking safari, don’t forget to pack this light waterproof of backpack will help you to keep your photography gear, packed lunch box, snack, insect repellent and other useful things like documents.

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