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Uganda wildlife Education center – Entebbe zoo : Entebbe UWEC Zoo provides the best option for day trips and excursions for those having one or two nights in Entebbe. It is located on the shores of Lake Victoria which is the largest fresh water lake in Africa, Uganda wildlife Education center commonly known as Entebbe UWEC Zoo offers the best introduction to Uganda’s flora and fauna’s National Park. Entebbe UWEC Zoo houses as many plants and animals in a near world situation and one can spend half, whole day or even two days in this facility.

Uganda wildlife education center

In 1952, the colonial government in Uganda opened up Entebbe zoo as a reception center for wild animals that were found as casualties like being sick, injured, orphaned or confiscated from illegal trade. In early 1960s, it changed its role to a traditional zoo (Entebbe zoo) a name that rings in the minds of many Ugandans to date. At that time a number of species like the Bears and tigers were kept for attractions.

In May 1994, the Uganda Wildlife Educational Centre Trust was founded to take over the zoo primarily for conservation Educational purposes. The center is located on the edge of Lake Victoria, its rich in vegetation and its surprising wide range of birds, butterflies and indigenous animals make it an attractive venue for Education as well as pleasing visitors from both Uganda and overseas.

Facts about the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

Entebbe zoo derives its name from Entebbe Town and Entebbe is a local Luganda word meaning a ‘’seat’’ and was probably named that because it was a place where the Buganda chiefs sat to adjudicate cases.

In 1893, when Sir Gerald Portal a Colonial commissioner was in Uganda, Entebbe was the first to become a British Colonial Administrative and commercial center. And to the side of the whites, they know Entebbe as the home Entebbe International Airport the main International Airport of Uganda which was opened in 1947.

Attractions at Uganda Wildlife Educational center – Entebbe zoo

UWEC zoo is rich with many attractions to see ranging from animals that are on free range, those in cases, birds, several trees and shrubs. Animals such as lions, leopards, giraffes, white rhinos, Elephants, chimpanzees, Uganda cobs, crested cranes, snakes like pythons, cobras, and many others, pea cork and ostriches that can be easily viewed at the zoo.

What to do while at UWEC – Entebbe zoo

The center has many packages and on affordable costs for those interested in visiting it. You can decide to participate in the General Guided Tour around the UWEC. Here in this case, you are given a Guide to walk you around showing you all attractions and attending to all your questions.

You may also choose to participate in behind the scene program to learn to learn more what takes place behind scenes. This activity include the Chimpanzee close up that allows you to get up close with chimps but this will require to smear certain medications to avoid diseases that might be borne with the tourists.

Visiting the UWEC zoo, your assisting it in the running of the center since the center depends on visitor’s fees to sustain the daily running and feeding of animals.

  What is done by the UWEC Authorities – Entebbe zoo

The center has a mandate to breed species which are at risk of extinction in the wild and this enables the entity to build a healthy animal population as a backup for endangered species. Breeding at UWEC is carefully managed to control numbers and to prevent inbreeding and this aims at ensuring genetic variation in the captive population. this is achieved by using comprehensive record of each animal.

The center has also a wildlife quarantine area outside the general public’s view in order to prevent infectious disease transfer. The Veterinary unit plays an important role by ensuring that quarantined and exhibited animals are healthy, because id the sick or injured animals arrive at UWEC, a physical examination is undertaken by our staff which consists of veterinarian i.e. animal doctor, Nurse and keepers.

Lastly, Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre is a fun and exciting place to see and learn about the animals of Uganda and the ecosystems in which they live so take some time to learn how they live, eat, play and walk.

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