What is Uganda Famous for? Uganda was once referred to as the Pearl of Africa a country of beautiful scenery and offers a bucket list of activities like; Gorilla trekking, multiday mountain treks, and white water rafting. Winston Churchill named it the pearl of Africa for its beauty, abundant wildlife, and diversity.

Uganda’s great features are the largest freshwater lake on the continent, the powerful waterfalls, the source of the longest river, the largest number of primates, and the highest home of mountain gorillas worldwide.

 Uganda also boosts with natural riches and melts with beautiful native and foreign cultures. More so, cultures are born but over 50 tribes flourish within a 93,064 square meter ‘’241,037 square kilometers’’ inland nation and the size of Britain. Well, the people of Uganda possess a unique, generous, and resilient soul, going through years of civil wars and political power struggles but welcoming all kinds of people to their lands, What is Uganda Famous for?

Although the country still faces challenges, Uganda maintains an open-door policy to refugees based on traditional African hospitality. More than that, UNHCR and Global citizens have recognized Uganda as the most welcoming country for refugees. However, Uganda holds the flag as a nation with the youngest population on the continent.

Uganda also hosts a young population that beats the global capitalist giants, the US and UK, representing the most entrepreneurial activities. As reported by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor ‘’GEM’’,28% of adults own or co-own a new business. You may ask, why Ugandan entrepreneur internationally keep their ventures small-scale and informal. It keeps them working because there is a modest population.

The country has retained over 20% of its land in wildlife reserves. The Pearl of Africa befits Churchill’s recommendation to the English in the year of 1907.  Meanwhile, Uganda has a stunning landscape that harmoniously protects many animal and plant species within its rift valley basin. More so, Uganda’s thrilling features are the largest freshwater lake on the continent, the source of the longest river, the strongest waterfall, a high concentration of primates, and the highest population of mountain gorillas worldwide, What is Uganda Famous for?

There is a bucket list of incredible things about Uganda that can put the destination on your travel list but below are ten outstanding activities.

Uganda has very welcoming and smiling people who are good.

The country hosts 50 tribes offering different cultures living in Uganda.

Uganda offers the highest density of primate species in the entire World and a high diversity of animal species including the big five thus making it worth safari destination.

Uganda still is the most affordable safari destination

It receives relatively low tourist numbers.

Uganda has massive wildlife reserves

Uganda’s tourism significantly contributes to local communities.

Well, Uganda is a paradise of birds that hosts over 1099 bird species recorded

Uganda is also home to unique climbing tree lions.

It offers clear network connectivity across

A Generous and Welcoming People;

Ugandans are some of the friendliest people on the continent. They are sociable people and willing to welcome or help you through your visit and fill every corner you may travel.

What is Uganda Famous for?
Lion Tracking in Queen

According to the United Nationals ‘’UN’’, Uganda has the most welcoming refugee policy in the world.

Welcoming all nationalities is an intrinsic part of the culture and the people of Uganda are so welcoming and friendly with a smile to newcomers.

More so, Uganda offers a high-energy core with a relaxed periphery nicely suited for families and those who prefer to stay home. Its people are cheerful and insanely generous to all aliens.

Over 50 Tribes with Different Cultures Live in Uganda;

Uganda is a cultural melting destination that ranges with more than 50 indigenous languages belonging to five distinct linguistic groups and an equally diverse cultural mosaic of music, art, and handicrafts.

Meanwhile, Ugandans are generous and welcoming people and many foreign cultures have entangled the indigenous cultures to establish amazing cultural effects like innovation, music, colorful dressing and dance, food, and language, What is Uganda Famous for?

 The country’s official languages include; English and Swahili language. Swahili is a valuable communication link with the country’s Eastern neighbors of Kenya and Tanzania. Which is widely spoken.

Ugandans speak a different language, although many of the languages bear some similarities. Others are different and the tribes that share the languages amaze them in their way of life Because various communities in the country have different cultural rites and practices.

About the language; Uganda has four native languages, including English, and can understand the basics of at least 5 other native languages.

The highest density of primates and gorillas worldwide;

Well, Uganda hosts 20 species of primates in its rainforest jungles. Primates species include; Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Monkeys, and the most incredible things. Also, bush babies are one of the World’s fastest-growing human populations.

Uganda’s Kibale Forest alone harbors 13 primate species, the highest population density of primates globally, whereas Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga National Park are home to half the world’s total population of mountain gorillas.

Due to being a primate kingdom, Uganda offers the best affordable primate viewing adventures in the world. The most endowed activity in the country is –gorilla trekking excursions occur in two locations; Mgahinga Gorilla and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.  Chimpanzee trekking is done in Kibale National Park and a handful of other forest reserves in its western Uganda region.

Primate trekking prices, with a gorilla permit, sell for USD700 per person per day -half day lifetime experience ‘’which is less than half of Rwanda’s charges’’ –Rwanda gorilla trekking permit costs USD1,500 per person per day, What is Uganda Famous for?

There is a gorilla habituation experience in Uganda which goes at USD1,500 per person per day –fully day experience. In the Kibale forest –chimpanzee trekking costs USD200 and habituation goes at USD250 per person per day.

Uganda A Birding Haven; 1099 species of bird recorded;

Uganda ranks as the final birding destination because it hosts more than 1099 bird species 70% represents Africa’s total bird list and 10% of the World’s avian total thus making birding in Uganda most rewarding for birdwatchers.

Uganda’s location is at a transitional point between the East African savanna, the west African rainforest, and the north’s semi-desert, which creates a green basin as a home for winged creatures. The alluring forest in terms of localized species includes; Semliki, closely rivaled by Budongo, Kibale, and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Other best bird spotting on Uganda Birding Tours;

Mabamba swamp in Entebbe –home to various shoe bills among other species.

Lake Mburo harbors water species and acacia-associated birds

Queen Elizabeth National Park-home to over 600 bird species makes it a truly birding destination.

Murchison Falls National Park –it is the best home to see the papyrus–associated shoebill and other species.

Kidepo Valley national park –found in the northern semi-desert hosting desert specials with over 50 raptors.

Lions Climb Trees in Uganda; In Uganda, lions are mainly located in the three largest savannah parks; Murchison Falls National Park ‘’MFNP’’, Kidepo Valley National Park ‘’KVNP’’ and Queen Elizabeth National Park ‘’QENP’’. Lions are the most sought species after Mountain Gorillas by travelers visiting Uganda.

However, Uganda is one of the few destinations where tree-climbing lions can be spotted thus impacting Uganda’s Tourism Hub

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