What Requires to Visit Gorillas During Covid-19 Period?

What Requires to Visit Gorillas During Covid-19 Period? : The are several requirements which were updated when visiting Gorillas during Covid-19 period. As we all ware how Covid-19 pandemic has left the entire world classified into two sets. Either you choose to be vaccinated or to be non-vaccinated batch. In so doing that, the travel restrictions tend to differ from one group to another thus causing a number of travelers and related questions to rise in visiting Gorillas during the Covid-19 era.

However, there might be an expected change in travel pattern that can also make it a little bit tricky. But before we get there, here are a few effects regarding one to visit Gorillas in the Covid-19 times.

In Africa there are only three countries where Gorillas can be seen that is Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. The guideline seems be synonymous but there a few distinguished requirements varying from one country to another. For that case, we are attempting to answer a few questions concerning about visiting Gorillas in the Covid-19 period.


Uganda sounding as the best safari destination to see gorillas /gorilla trekking. Although, it is relatively a small country it protects these endangered mountain gorillas in two national parks that is; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, the country has updated newly restriction guideline since the national parks for gorilla trekking safaris are open.

Below are some of the requirements needed to visit Gorillas during Covid-19 period.

What is required for visiting Gorillas in Uganda

The best requirement to visit or trek the Mountain gorillas in Uganda is a valid gorilla permit. But you need to be 15 years old and above, with the ability to purchase for the permits. Therefore, a foreign nonresident pays USD700 per trek per person, USD600 for foreign residents and UGX250,000 for East Africans. Children below 15 years are strictly not permitted to visit Gorillas since it has been found out that children are much scary to face gorillas. If your found out with similar signs of the virus, you cannot be allowed to visit or trek gorillas.

After securing your valid Gorilla trekking permit, you will have to follow the standard operation procedures ‘’SOPs’’ put in place to ensure visitors and apes are protected. Regular wearing of face mask with an N95 or a surgical mask must be with you. Upon arrival at the park entrance, you will be checked body temperature which must not go beyond 37.5.

What Requires to Visit Gorillas During Covid-19 Period?
Gorilla Trekking Permits

Those wearing disposal face masks are advised to carry more than two face masks to ensure that every day you have to change.

While trekking mountain gorillas, you’re advised to maintain social distancing.

Regular hand sanitization

What are the current travel restrictions?

On your arrival at the Entebbe International Airport, visitors with negative PCR tests must undergo PCR test to prove. However, those with the vaccinated batch are not required to carry out a Covid-19 PCR test upon their arrival.

Every traveler to Uganda is required to be with a negative PCR test certificate obtained not later than 120 hours before their flight.

What happens when I test positive upon arrival /at the end of my trip

You will be required to self –isolate whereas covering the lodge bills by yourself, the quarantine will be 14 days. These seems to be uncommon incidences because of Covid-19 threat has become low in Uganda comparing the months of June and July as of August.

Coincidence, if a foreign national tests positive and wishes to be repatriated to another country for their Covid-19 treatment, will be done at their cost following the given medical evacuation protocols.

Where can I carryout test for Covid-19 before getting on my departure flight from Uganda

The tour operator you booked with will help you to identify Covid-19 testing but depending on your location. The most preserved or recommended laboratories to use include Lancet Laboratories, ANCA biotech laboratories many more other classified Laboratories.

After testing, you will have to wait more hours for the result, of which result will be sent or received on your mail. You will not be required to travel back to the laboratories in order to get your results. The ministry of health accredited laboratories, you just need to leave your mail behind from the accredited laboratory.

Is it possible to visit or trek mountain gorillas from one country to another? Uganda vs Rwanda

It is very possible if the land borders are open for the travelers but for the moment when they are closed, you will have to take a flight to Entebbe which covers a 9hours drive to access the park, or choose to take local flight in order to connect to either Bwindi National park or Mgahinga Gorilla National park. Or from Uganda to Rwanda’ Kigali International Airport where your tour operator will pick you and connects you to Volcanoes national park. Rwanda Gorilla permits both for nonresidents and nationalism costs USD1,500 per person per trek.

It is possible to trek gorillas Congo from Uganda

Yes, you can take a flight from Entebbe to Goma from where your safari driver guide will pick you up to transfer you to your booked lodge in Goma. Gorilla permits in Virunga national park goes at USD400 for foreign nonresidents and USD200 for East African residents.

Where can I get Valid Covid-19 travel guidelines for my gorilla trek

The thing is that, the travel restriction in all countries keep on changing since vaccination started. The best way to get the correct updated information we recommend you to visit airline websites. Its where you will get all the information in case of any changes. In regard, you can communicate with a local tour operator for more local information.

What is the best season to visit or trek gorillas during Covid-19 period?

The best seasons to visit Gorilla or do Gorilla trekking always January to August and December. However, after the entire world experience a lockdown for some time, there seems an expected change in travel patterns that could also make it a little be destructed.

Regardless, you can still do Gorilla trekking in off seasons and enjoy discounts on both accommodations and gorilla permits.

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