What to Carry for Your Next Birding Safari –Uganda

What to Carry for Your Next Birding Safari : Uganda is of the popular destination to host a number of bird species over 1061 species of birds ‘’10% of the world’s total bird species ‘’ occupying several habitats ranging from the forests, water bodies to savannah, indeed Uganda is a birding hoven. However, bird watching is a riveting activities undertaken by travelers during Uganda adventure safaris. The enthusiastic birders on Uganda birding safari can do their next birding safari in 10 National parks, Wildlife Reserves, Wetlands and waterbodies rewards visitors with various bird sighting during a single trip.

Uganda birding is usually done in remote destinations ‘’forests, wetlands’’ and rarely seen in the urban settings where equipment may be difficult to acquire thus the reason to pack all the essentials required for the activity.

Therefore, knowing What to Carry for Your Next Birding Safari in Uganda will make your adventure more exciting and rewarding. Below is the list of essentials for a birding safari in Uganda;

Right clothing

Packing your wear on birding safaris is not necessarily, it’s like other tourist activities essentials required to pack for your comfort and memorable experience. The right dressing for birding safaris in Uganda include light-weight long sleeved shirts and pants of neutral colors. Pack your essentials basing on the weather or season and the birding destination.

Water proof day pack/Field bag

Travelers need to pack a water proof day pack for carrying your birding essentials like camera, pair of binoculars and energy giving snacks and other items that fits during birding through different habitats and terrains.

Hiking boots

Birding experience usually involves in walking through the different habitats of these birds, ranging from wetlands, forests to savannah plains you will need good hiking rubber shoes.

Field guidebook

Field guidebook is a useful item to pack for your next birding safari Uganda which will help to keep the information got while birding, depending on the number of days you desire to spend birding. A guide book can be got from the local book stores in Uganda by help of tour operator who you booked your birding tour. Besides that, you can decide to download the guidebook to avoid carrying bulky things.


On birding safari never attempt to leave your camera behind because carrying your camera is best way to capture numerous bird species for your future remembrance. A camera with extra memory cards, batteries and other accessories is crucial for birding. You will be able to capture moments of the shoe bills stork when hunt in wetlands or African fish eagle in flight. Make sure the camera you carry has a perfect blend of capability, portability with a super zoom for the low light places and weight.

What to Carry for Your Next Birding Safari
What to Carry for Your Next Birding Safari

Pair of binoculars

During you birding safari in Uganda you might find too tiny species to be viewed when in flight and best way to see them by use of binoculars. Some species of birds can go an extra mile to bring smaller back up binoculars, incase main ones are misplaced.

Water bottle

On your visit on Uganda birding safari never forget to pack enough mineral water bottle to keep you hydrated during the birding trip. Since birding usually involves in nature walks and your body must be physically demanded thus requiring you to drink water at all times.

Wide –brimmed hat

You need to carry a wide-brimmed hat for your head protection from the scotching tropical sunshine you are likely to experience.

Light rain jacket

Whether your visit Uganda birding tour in dry season or rain, a light rain jacket must not miss in your packing, because it might rain in the morning and stops in the afternoon, it is just unpredictable.


Flashlight is important during night walks to spot the nocturnal bird species and spotting bird species in dimly lit habitats.

Charger and Cables

Don’t forget to carry chargers and cables for your camera, laptop, tablet or iPad, mobile phone and some rechargeable batteries.


If you’re on drugs or sick in the body it’s good to carry your medication, when you’re visiting the remote birding destinations. On top of your medication always add on cold, cough flue, anti-malaria and anti-diarrheas medicines.


The usual essentials to be packed include clothing, shoes and camera, other toiletries items are lotions, tooth paste, toothbrush, hand sanitizer and hair gels are very ideal.

Lastly, having the best birding experience in Uganda depends on right packing items.

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