Why visit Rwanda Volcanoes National Park; Volcanoes National Park is an isolated park mainly recommend to visitors wishing to travel Africa and enjoy its incredible attractions and warm climate in one of the cleanest countries in the world. More so, the park is one of the most visited destination on Rwanda Safari, because is the most adventurous and convenient destination with remarkable experience of activities which are worth the time and expense.

Location; Volcanoes National Park lies in Kinigi Ruhengeri in northwestern Rwanda covering around 160 square kilometers. The park covers Rwanda’s share of the Virunga Conservation Area and is bordered by Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Uganda and Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Why Visit Rwanda Volcanoes National Park
Gorilla trekking in Rwanda

Accessibility; Volcanoes National Park can be accessed from Kigali International Airport within 3-hour drive to main visited destination.

However, Volcanoes National park offers visitors with various tourist’s attractions and activities to make worth a complete Rwanda Safari Package as listed below;

Trekking Mountain Gorillas

This gives up close encounter with the world’s rare endangered mountain gorillas which is reviewed as the best wildlife experience in the world. However, Volcanoes National Park is home to 15 habituated mountain gorilla families available for trekking on daily basis. Gorilla hiking in Volcanoes is quite enjoyable with more interesting attractions. Gorilla trekking starts in the morning hours with a short briefing about dos and don’ts of gorillas. It can take about 30 to 6 hours trekking depending on their locations. When you allocate them one hour is given to you to experience their interesting lifestyle, behaviors, feed, play among others and also enjoy taking photography. Gorilla trekking can be done in a gorilla family in a group of eight people accompanied by the park ranger who leads you to forest trail heads. Rwanda Gorilla Groups includes; Hirwa, Kitonda, Bwenge, Agashya, Umubano, Karisimbi, Susa A, Sabyinyo, Amahoro many more. Get time visit Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park to experience the amazing life style of mountain gorillas.

Rwanda Gorilla permits can be booked direct from Rwanda Development Board or through help of trusted tour operator on ground. Rwanda Gorilla permit bookings is recommended at least three to six months in advance.

Gorilla permit in Rwanda costs USD1500 per person per day.

Golden Monkeys Tracking

Volcanoes National Park offers visitors with the unforgettable golden monkeys tracking experience. These monkey species are one of the endangered species in the wild still surviving. Golden monkey tracking apparently can be done in only two in Volcanoes and Mgahinga Gorilla National Uganda respectively. Golden monkey permits costs USD100 quite cheaper than gorilla permits thus affordable for budget travelers. Tracking rules and regulation for golden monkey are similar to those of the mountain gorilla’s tourist must adhere to.

Volcano Climbing

Apart from wildlife, Volcanoes national park is also a home to three outstanding Mountains which are part of the Virunga Volcanoes Conservation Area. The most stunning volcano in Volcanoes National Park is Mount Karisimbi that stands 4,507 meter above sea level overlooking Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. Other hiking experience in the Volcanoes National Park includes Mount Bisoke, Dian Fossey hike and twin lakes all rewards you with a marvelous hiking experience. These slopes of Volcanoes are habitats to mountain gorillas and other primates, thus giving you a great chance to meet these gentle giants.


Volcanoes National Park is also a birding hoven, a home to endemic to the Albertine region. During your birding tour expect to see bird species including; Miombo Wren-warblers, woodpeckers black flycatcher, Rwenzori double collared, Masked mountain Apalis, Grauer’s rush, Rwenzori hill babbler and stripe breasted tit among others.

Why Visit Rwanda Volcanoes National Park
Masked mountain Apalis

Nature walks

The best way to explore the hidden treasures and experience the natural beauty of volcanoes National Park. Is through guided nature walk which can be carried out in different forest trails like waterfalls and caves many more. You can visit the Twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo and Musanze caves among others. As your hiking your able to enjoy the sweet melodies of birds up in the trees.

What to carry with on visit to Volcanoes National Park?

Useful essentials recommendable include; hiking boots, rain jackets, drinking water, energy giving snacks, warm clothes to help you at night.

Lastly, get started now a visit to Volcanoes National Park in the land of a thousand hills. Where you will be able to visit mountain gorillas, hike to Dian Fossey graveyard, do golden monkey tracking, enjoy Rwanda cultures from the local around the park. Take a visit to Volcanoes National Park and be able to enjoy a great memorable Rwanda wildlife experience.

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