Zika Forest – Entebbe Uganda

Zika forest is one of the major attractions in an area, it’s near the Entebbe International Airport and therefore it’s easy to access. The Ziika forest best known as the Zika forest is a tropical forest and a property of the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) of Entebbe and therefore restricted and protected to scientific research.

The word “Ziika” comes from the Luganda language meaning “overgrown”, in 1947 the Zika virus was isolated from a rhesus monkey stationed at Zika and 1960, an36.6 metre steel tower was moved from Mpanga Forest to Zika to study the vertical distribution of mosquitoes and allowing the comprehensive study of mosquito’s population in 1964.

Zika forest is one of the smallest forest reserves in Uganda with few bird on average but with a variety in species hence a good spot for birding. The forest covers an area of about 25hactares next to the swamps of Waiya Bay an inlet of Lake Victoria. It Is well suited to study mosquitoes.

The forest has a rich biodiversity in plants and moths and is home to about 40 types of mosquitoes, the MVRI also maintains an insectarium. For this purpose, Former President of USA Jimmy Carter visited this place. In Zika forest is where the infected Aedes mosquito first spread Zika to rhesus monkeys and then spreading them to humans.

The Zika forest has a variety of wildlife including the crocodiles since its largely occupied by a swamps that join it to Lake Victoria. With over 140 species of plants, many snake types, monkeys making a worthwhile adventure.

 If you are looking where to do research about viruses, then look no further this is a place to be. There are lots of micro-organisms that you will be able to sample and suit your scientific study. Therefore, making it a good place to do a Research safari.

 Zika forest is undeniably the best site for one to make a stopover while on road trip from Entebbe to Kampala and amazingly, you can try out picnic tour around it and you will be thrilled with experiences of lifetime. This is the perfect spots that shouldn’t miss out in your travel plan.

Not only is this forest famous for its natural beauty, history and wildlife but features as a vibrant educational site and most students flock here for studies and hosts a number of leisure enthusiasts. Interestingly, the former POTUS J. Charter listed the forest among his must to visit areas while setting off for bird watching in Uganda.

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