Cuisines to Try Out When You Visit Uganda; Popular cuisines to tasty on tourists visit to Uganda are? Various Ugandan tribes have their specialty dishes and during your trip around Uganda, along with your visit, you will be able to visit different stunning regions that makes it a point to try out different cuisine from these tribes.

Below are the delicious cuisines /food you should try out;


This traditional Uganda stew is the most popular cuisine in the central region and is made of either chicken, beef, or fish that is steamed with vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and mushrooms as well as peanut ‘’g-nut’’ sauce in wrapped banana leaves.


This is one of the most delicious famous Ugandan dishes across all regions and as you drive to the countryside you will pass through beautiful banana plantations and the view is rewarding.

Well, the matooke is harvested from the plantation and taken home to be prepared carefully peeled, and cooked. In preparation, it will be steamed in banana leaves and mashed then served with a source. More so, Matooke can be prepared while mixed with a source to make another mouth-running delicacy known as Katogo.


This is a popular unique tasty street snack in all regions across the country, which is made of a combination of fried eggs and vegetables and then wrapped in a chapatti.  This delicious snack can be eaten at any time of the day, from breakfast to lunch or supper meal or snack. While on a visit to one of Uganda’s safari lodges in the park, just feel free and request the chef to make you one for your evening or morning breakfast.

Cuisines to Try Out When You Visit Uganda


The Malakwang is simply a traditional dish from the Acholi tribe in northern Uganda. This is a traditional source made of Using the Malakwang plant as well as ODI, a paste made from peanuts and sesame seeds, and is often served with either millet bread or sweat potatoes among other food.


This is a popular source of dishes made of beans with no cover; how they are being prepared is first soaking beans in water for easy peeling off the seed coat and they are the best stamp source among the Batooro and Banyoro from western Uganda. More so, after peeling them then boil and mash them into a thick porridge-like paste of the ghee, add salt and even tomatoes as well as onions.  This source provides good tasty millet food and matooke.


This is a popular source commonly prepared in the western Uganda region, especially among the Banyankole which is made from Ghee, rock salt, and water. The ghee is fermented for two to three weeks before use and then the source is served hot or cold and can be eaten with matooke, sweet potatoes, or millet food- bread.

Maleewa Sauce

This is a popular dish prepared among the Bagisu Maleewa from Eastern Uganda while using bamboo shoots. The shoots are air-dried and smoked to order to give food a distinct flavor. The dish is then mixed with salt and groundnut source to make a delicious sauce that can be enjoyed with plantains, sweet potatoes many more.

What to bring on a trip to Uganda?

Sturdy hiking shoes

Insect-proof and sun-blocking safari clothes

Rechargeable flashlight

Have a local SIM Card for our phones

Gaiters for Hiking

Insect repellent

Hand sanitizer and wipes

First kit boxes

Warm clothes like Rain jackets, sweaters

What is the best time to visit Uganda on a Safari holiday?

The best time to visit Uganda while on Uganda Culture safari is throughout the year but the best time is during the dry season with less rain which enables tourists on visits to enjoy the activity without the disappointment of heavy rain. Starting from June to September and December to February

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